How to make a Urethra Sound?

How to make a Urethra SoundMany people interested in urethral play wish to know more about urethral toys and how to make them. This is one of the main questions: is it possible to make a urethral toy on your own? How to make a urethra sound? Is this safe?

Needless to say, it is not possible to make a proper urethral toy from scratch. Even worse, something like this would be very unsafe.

How to Make a Urethra Sound: Advice

Here are some tips and advice for those who wonder about homemade urethral toys. It is very important to read and understand this information because it deals with safety. Your safety is the number one thing you need to ensure during urethral play.

People wondering how to make a urethra sound from scratch need to know that this is simply not possible. Amateur users do not have materials, tools, technology and quality control systems needed to make safe urethral toys. Even if you want to make a toy just for your personal use (instead of commercial), it is not possible. Such a toy or a device would simply not be safe.

This is very similar to using random items and household objects for sounding. These items are not urethral toys in the strict sense of the word. Using them for urethral stimulation is dangerous and irresponsible. This may be a harsh thing to hear, but it is a reality. The same goes for homemade urethral toys.

In order to stay safe during urethral stimulation you absolutely need to use proper urethral toys. High-quality urethral sounds and other good urethral toys are well-crafted and made for safe urethral use. Since urethral stimulation is an activity that brings certain risks it is absolutely important to follow all safety guidelines and minimize these risks. The only thing to do that is to use only proper urethral toys.

In other words: you can’t really make a urethra sound on your own. Not a proper one at least.

So, What to Do?

If you wish to enjoy urethral play to the fullest and to stay safe it is highly advisable to use only proper urethral toys. The good news is that many of these toys are not expensive at all. Many high-quality toys are actually very affordable. It means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them and you do not save a lot of money by trying to make a urethral toy by yourself. The only thing you are doing by making your own toys or using random objects is to risk injuries and other problems.

Are there people who perform urethral play with random items and homemade toys? Yes, probably. There are also those who use sex toys that are not made for urethral use. It is impossible to prevent people from doing this. It is important to inform people about dangers of this practice so they know about the risks and other potential issues. For these reasons, it is highly advised to use only proper urethral toys and to stay away from homemade toys of any kind. This is a good way to minimize risks and to have a safe and enjoyable urethral stimulation. In other words: homemade toys and random objects are a bad idea and you should not think about it.

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