How to Make Long Anal Toys Comfortable?

Long anal toys are typically called anal probes, though there are other designs you can use. These toys are very varied and include long butt plugs, P-spot massagers, anal beads, and more. There is no universal design for these toys because they can provide different feelings. The only unifying characteristic is that they are all for anal use and that they are longer than average. How to make long anal toys comfortable? The best way to go is slowly and to use plenty of lube.

How Long is Too Long?

One important thing to remember is that what is “long” for one person might not be long for another. In this sense, a long anal toy can be anything that you, as a user, consider to be long. Generally speaking, however, longer anal toys are those that are more than 6-7 inches in length. This is an arbitrary line; some people say that a toy has to be over 8 inches to be long while others consider even the smaller, 5 inches toys “long enough”. As you can tell, it all depends on the interpretation.

Also, remember that the size of an anal toy is not about the length. Often, the more important is the girth. Some anal toys are massive and very thick, which can be intimidating to some users. Long toys are sometimes thick but not all thick toys are long. If you dislike thick toys but want to find a long one, it is possible.

For example, anal beads tend to be very long but they are typically not very thick. Also, the beads come in graduating sizes so you can always insert as much or as little as you want.

A good thing about anal toys is that they are very varied. Anal toys are among the most popular sex toys in the world so you can find many different shapes, sizes and designs. In other words, if one model of a butt plug or an anal probe doesn’t work for you, you can always try another.

How to Start Using Long Anal Toys?

Many people who want to start using long anal toys are scared of the pain and assume that these toys are uncomfortable. It is not unusual for beginners to be intimidated by these anal toys. This is why many of them wonder how to make long anal toys comfortable and to prevent pain.

The truth is that anal toys don’t tend to be as uncomfortable as they may seem. They are specially designed to be inserted in the anus so they are made to provide comfort and arousal. While they may seem too long or big, most are designed in such a way to provide for a comfortable experience.

Of course, certain anal toys are more extreme than the others, so this is where beginner users should be careful. If you want to have a pain-free, comfortable experience, it is important to choose a smooth anal toy. It doesn’t matter if it’s long: the length itself is rarely an issue. If you are scared of the pain a smooth, preferably slim anal toy will work the best. Stay away from massive, thick toys or anal toys with texture. Save those for later, when you are better used to anal toys.

Also, don’t forget lube. Quality lube is a must-have for all anal play. This will make the experience smoother and more enjoyable. Apply it generously on the toy and your anus. When you start inserting the toy, make sure to go slowly and stop if it becomes overwhelming. Chances are that you will find out that long anal toys are a great fun and not intimidating at all.

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