Madonna Piercing

Madonna-PiercingMadonna piercing is one of the most popular lip piercings in the world. In so many ways, it is identical to the famous Monroe piercing and can even be seen as a variation of this piercing. In fact, many people consider the two to be basically the same piercing. The only difference is the placement, since Madonna is done on the opposite side of the face. While Monroe piercing is done on the left side of the upper lip, Madonna piercing is done on the right side.

Madonna Piercing: Placement and Procedure

Madonna is a piercing done on the upper lip. The placement is made off-center, on the right-hand side of the lip. Depending on the person’s anatomy and preferences, the piercing can be done higher or lower on the right side of the lip.

As mentioned above, this is a variation of the Monroe piercing. Monroe is done on the left side of the upper lip. Many people consider these two piercings basically identical, with Madonna piercing being just a variation of the Monroe done on the opposite side. Monroe piercing got its name from Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark, located on the left side of the lip. Similarly, Madonna piercing got its name because of the singer Madonna and her beauty mark on the right side of the face.

Madonna piercings are not difficult to perform but you need to hire a knowledgeable, experienced piercer. There is a slight risk of hitting the blood vessel in the upper lip, so your piercer has to know how to avoid it.

The procedure starts with marking the place to be pierced, followed by sterilization. You will probably need to take some mouthwash to sterilize the inside of your mouth. Remember, the other end of the piercing will be inside the mouth, so this is both a facial and oral piercing type.

After the sterilization the upper lip is clamped and the piercing needle is inserted into the lip. The Madonna piercings are usually done at 18 gauge or 16 gauge, but other sizes are also possible. When the piercing is performed your piercer will insert the jewelry. You will then receive instructions for aftercare and the procedure is done.


Typical jewelry for a Madonna piercing is a labret stud. This is also the most common jewelry for all lip piercings. However, other jewelry options are also possible. For example, some people prefer to wear a Captive Bead Ring or another ring type in their Madonna piercing. Some people even opt for barbells of different shapes. However, these are all rarer options and might depend on the exact placement of your piercing.

At first, you will get initial jewelry, which will be inserted during the piercing procedure. This initial jewelry is typically longer than the one you’ll wear later, because it has to account for the swelling. Once the swelling is gone (in about a week) you will get regular jewelry to wear. It is important to have your piercer change the initial jewelry for you, since your piercing will still be new and sensitive. You need to wait until your Madonna piercing is fully healed before changing the jewelry by yourself.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Madonna piercing can be done at almost any point on the right side of the upper lip. Some are done higher than the others, while some are done barely off-center. It all depends on your preferences and anatomy. If in doubt, make sure to consult your piercer.
  • A great thing about a Madonna piercing is that it can be as discreet or as noticeable as you wish. It all depends on the jewelry type and gauge you use.
  • As mentioned above, some people see Madonna piercing as just a variation of the Monroe piercing. If you can’t find much info on Madonna piercing, seek for Monroe piercing. Chances are that you will discover a lot of useful things that can help you take care of your Madonna piercing properly.
  • This lip piercing can cause significant swelling after the procedure is done. This is normal. However, it is important to monitor your lip to see if it’s getting better. The swelling should improve with each day and should be gone in about a week. If you notice prolonged swelling or if it gets worse, causing pain, redness, discomfort, discharge and other problems, make sure to consult your doctor immediately.
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