Low Genital Piercings

Low Genital PiercingsThere are many different names for common piercings and genital piercings are no different. In order to understand all the different options you have as a client, it is important to understand the lingo. One of the rarer terms that people use are “low genital piercings”. While rare, this term still appears so you need to understand what it means.

What Are the Low Genital Piercings?

The term “low genital piercings” mainly refers to the male genital piercings but it can also work for female ones. Low genital piercings are generally understood to be male genital piercings on the lower part of the genitalia. This typically refers to scrotum, testicles, perineum and anus.

Sometimes, people also refer to piercings on the base of the penis or low on the shaft of the penis as low genital piercings. Again, different people understood different piercings to fall into these groups so it’s important to always ask for a clarification if you are unsure.

While low genital piercing are typically male piercings it is important to note that some people also consider female genital piercings under the vagina as low genital piercings. These piercings have to start under the vagina or are allowed to touch the vagina only on their top edge. These are piercings on the perineum and around the anus. The most popular type of low genital piercing for women is Fourchette. This is a perineum piercing that starts at the edge of the vagina.

Popular Low Genital Piercings

There are many popular piercings that fall under low genital piercings. In fact, some of the most popular male genital piercings are low piercings:

  • This is a low version of the popular Frenum penis piercing. While frenum is done on the underside of the penis, centrally, lorum is simply a “low frenum”. Lorum piercing goes on the base of the penis or around the base of the penis. As such, it can be considered a low genital piercing.
  • Hafada is a surface piercing on the scrotum. It doesn’t go through the full tissue of the scrotum and it touches only the skin. This is a relatively easy piercing to perform and it usually goes centrally on the scrotum.
  • Guiche is a popular piercing on the perineum. It is typically positioned centrally and in the middle between testicles and the anus. However, it is also possible to get different placements that are either not central or are closer to the scrotum or the anus. It all depends on the man’s anatomy and preferences. The goal is to hit a sensitive spot on the perineum that will make for a pleasurable piercing.

Rarer Low Genital Piercings

While the above ones are popular forms of low genital piercings, it is important to know that these are not all. There are also rarer types of low genital piercings that some people choose to have:

  • Transscrotal Procedures. These are more serious and extreme piercings on the testicles. These are actually surgical procedures and not typical piercings because the piercer needs a scalpel to make them. Transscrotal procedures go through the entire tissue of the scrotum and it splits testicles from front to back. This is an extreme procedure that is not for everyone. It is much more serious than a simple Hafada piercing on the scrotum.
  • Anal Piercing. This is a relatively rare piercing that goes partially through the anal sphincter. It sits near the anal opening and it touches both the anus and the perineum. This is a very sensitive piercing so it is important to choose a piercer with plenty of experience to perform this one. Also, it is important to perform regular aftercare and clean your piercing properly to avoid infections and other issues.
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