What is a Lorum?

A lorum is a male only body piercing only. It is a piercing that is located where the base of the penis meets the scrotum. Its name comes form a combination of two words low and frenum.

The best jewelry for this piercing is a Captive Bead Ring or a Straight Barbell at least 14 Gauge or larger so that your Jewelry will not migrate. This should also be a deep piercing to prevent this as well.
After you get the piercing you do not want to wear anything tight or restricting, because this will cause friction on the piercing causing problems with rejection or infection very easily. You will also want to keep the piercing as dry as possible, any moisture could cause bacteria to form and a infection to occur.

Genital Piercings in general normally heal fairly quickly. The healing time for this piercing is anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks depending on you. As with any genital piercing no strenuous sexual activity, because it can tear the piercing.

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