How Long to Leave Sounds in the Urethra: Quick Tips

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How long can I leave a sound inserted in my urethra?

How Long to Leave Sounds in the UrethraOne of the most important things about urethral play is to know how to do it safely. Remember, this can be a powerful, intense experience but it also brings certain risks. This is why it’s important to understand how to use your urethral toys without a problem. One of the most important things to keep in mind is how long to leave sounds in the urethra.

How Long to Leave Sounds in the Urethra

It is crucial to know how long to leave sounds in the urethra. Or, in other words, you need to know the maximum time you can safely have urethral sounds and other toys inside of your urethra.

Keep in mind that this time is not the same for all urethral toys. The time will partially depend on your anatomy and comfort levels but a lot will depend on the sounding devices in question. Remember, each urethral toy has its own design and its own way to use it safely. Different urethral toys can be inserted for different periods of time without compromising safety. This is something you need to keep in mind before choosing your urethral toy.

Here are some quick tips on how long to leave sounds in the urethra:

Use Urethral Toys for Their Main Purpose

Not all urethral toys are equal. If they are of high-quality they are safe to use, but you need to know how to use them properly. For example, penis plugs and shorter urethral toys are generally good for light exploration. Longer urethral toys such as urethral sounds are good for deep urethral play and more intense sensation. How does this affect how long to leave sounds in the urethra? If a toy’s main purpose is deep exploration, prostate massage or intense sensations, it is best to use it for short periods of time. These toys are generally not good to stay inside of the urethra for too long. Leaving them in can cause burning, pain or even injuries and other serious problems.

Know When to Get a Toy Out

Another thing to keep in mind is to know when to take a toy out. Generally speaking, if you have a long urethral toy ideal for deep urethral stimulation, it’s best to take it out when the play is over. Some toys should be inside of the urethra for only 15-20 minutes max. Other toys, such as small and smooth ones, can stay inside for longer periods of time, but you need to be careful. Make to listen to your body to notice any potential warning signs, such as increasing burning sensation or pain. This is a clear signal to take your toy out immediately. You should always listen to your body in order to stay safe with urethral play. Even if you have a small, smooth urethral toy, if it causes burning, discomfort, pain, bleeding or other warning signs, make sure to take it out immediately. This is the only way to stay safe during urethral stimulation.

Choose Appropriate Toys for Long-Term Wear

If you really want to wear your urethral toy for longer periods of time, make sure to choose an appropriate toy for this purpose. Not all sounding devices are good for this. Longer sounds or sounds ideal for more extreme sensations are generally not good for this. Instead, opt for smooth and shorter urethral toys. Penis plugs that are hollow in the middle are great toys for this purpose. Their cum-through hole allows for urinating and ejaculation without taking the plug out. These penis plugs are ideal for those who want to wear their urethral toys for long periods of time.

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