Long Anal Toys

Milking Stick

Milking Stick

There are many anal toys you can use to enhance your sex life and improve the sensations. Anal stimulation is very arousing for both men and women so it’s not surprising there are many toys specially designed to hit all the sweet spots. Butt plugs are probably the most popular anal toys out there: they are great for anal stimulation and for some comfortable stretching before anal sex.

However, there are other effective types of anal toys you may want to try. Long anal toys can be particularly arousing for those who crave deep, full anal stimulation.

Go Beyond the Anal Plugs

One thing about butt plugs is that they are often relatively short in length, even when they are huge in girth and weight. As such, they can provide massive stimulation for the most sensitive part of the anus (the first few inches) and can also be useful for prostate stimulation, since the sweet spot is located not so deep. On the other hand, many butt plugs cannot go truly deep, which is a problem for those people who truly enjoy deep, full anal stimulation.

If you like your anal toys long, don’t worry. There are many you can choose to fully satisfy yourself. They are made both for comfort and intensity. Metal anal toys are particularly great since they are sturdy and provide a good pressure on your anal walls. In addition to this, they are heavy, which only makes the experience more exciting. Also, Surgical Steel is very smooth so metal anal toys can be very comfortable despite their dimensions. Finally, metal is a good material for some erotic temperature play. All of these features make long anal toys irresistible.

Here are some of the best toys for deep anal stimulation:


The first on the list of long anal toys are anal dildos. They can be made in realistic shapes that resemble a penis (usually with a pronounced penis head and veins), or may be modeled in different ways. A good thing about an anal dildo is that it can go truly deep, which makes it a perfect toy for all those who wish to be filled up to the fullest.

There are many different types of anal dildos to choose from. They are usually a bit thinner than vaginal dildos and have a wide base to make them safe for anal use. However, there are also very thick anal dildos or dildos that are recommended for both vaginal and anal use.

Milking Sticks

Milking sticks are sensual, intense toys made for deep anal massage and prostate stimulation. As such, they fulfill two roles: P-spot massage and anal teasing. Many of these toys are long to provide deep stimulation even when milking doesn’t require that much, since prostate can be felt relatively close to the anal opening.

What makes milking sticks unique is a pointed tip. While most anal toys have a slightly pointed tip made for easy insertion milking sticks are often triangular or with a very pointy tip. The reason is simple: the tips is specially designed to provide targeted stimulation for prostate and to deliver the most intense massage to this particular spot. Since prostate orgasms are special milking sticks can be used to truly bring pleasure to a completely new level. At the same time, milking sticks are great for teasing and roleplay, so they are often used for kink and fetish games between partners.

Probes and Insertables

These anal toys are longer than butt plugs and specially made for anal use. There is no specific shape for anal probe or an insertable, but most of these toys are made to be smooth and with a wide base. The wide base is there as a safety measure so the toy doesn’t get lost inside and in many cases can serve as a handle for more comfortable use.

Some of the probes and insertables have huge heads made for additional stimulation. These heads are often bulbous or spherical, which creates a very pleasurable and intense pressure to the anal walls. Even though most probes are not thick the huge head sure makes a lot of difference and makes anal stimulation both arousing and intense.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are specially textured anal toys consisting of beads of varying sizes. This type of a toy can be inserted deep into the anus but its true role is not to provide pressure during arousal. While some people like the nice, “filled up” feeling of anal beads, the true role of this toy comes during orgasm. The best way to use anal beads is to remove them slowly or quickly (depending on preferences) during orgasm. Beads sliding out and massaging the anal opening brings intense pleasure. Orgasm feels stronger and longer-lasting with anal beads, so this is a great sex toy to use.

Another good way to use anal beads is to rub it against your anal walls. The texture of the toy and beads provide some great additional stimulation. However, for this to work, you need to use a sturdy and heavy anal beaded toy.

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