Lip Stud vs. Ring

Lip Stud vs RingPeople who wish to get a lip piercing often wonder if it’s better to wear a stud or a ring in their piercing. The whole lip stud vs. ring dilemma is an old one and there is no definitive answer to it.

In reality, both are good but it is important to choose jewelry style that will suit you perfectly. Keep this in mind when deciding on the lip jewelry style for you.

Lip Stud vs. Ring: Basics

Lip studs (also known as labrets) and ring are the most popular lip jewelry styles. There are many different rings you can choose, such as Captive Bead Rings, screwball rings, seamless and segment rings, fixed rings, and more. Lip studs (labrets) on the other hand, are more uniform. However, this doesn’t mean that they are plain looking. Quite the contrary: many of them come with shiny gems on top so they are very attractive.

As you can see, both labrets and rings look gorgeous so you may choose them for your lip piercing. Your preferences will certainly be a factor in deciding which one to wear. However, there are other factors to consider. Certain lip piercings may do better with one jewelry style than the other. For example, if your lip piercing is away from the lip itself (so it’s too low or too high), it may be uncomfortable to choose a ring. Such a ring would have to be very large to be able to accommodate your piercing, which might be uncomfortable. In this situation, it is better to choose a labret (lip stud).

Also, a lot will depend on your piercer. Some piercers like studs more than rings while others prefer rings over studs. This may factor in the decision to recommend one jewelry style over the other. Also, certain piercers consider one jewelry style safe than the other, particularly for new piercings, so this is something to take into account. However, there is no clear consensus which one is better: studs or rings.

Generally speaking, many piercers see rings as safer for initial jewelry since they are easier to clean than studs. This is particularly important for highly sensitive lip piercings. On the other hand, old, well established piercings can use any jewelry type. At the same time, studs can better accommodate lip swelling, which is important for initial stages of healing.

The reality is that both rings and studs have certain benefits and disadvantages so you need to think about those before deciding which jewelry style to use.

Rings: The Advantage

Rings are great for lip piercings in healing because they allow for easy aftercare and they keep your piercing clean. Rings tend to move a bit more, which means they are easier to clean. They jewelry is less likely to get stuck inside the piercing hole during the healing time. Any scabs and crusts that may form are more visible with a ring so you can remove them quickly. This is more difficult to notice and remove with a stud.

Rings allow you to better see what’s going on with your piercing. This is particularly important during healing time, when your piercing is new and vulnerable. It also helps with old and established piercings because it’s easy to spot a problem when it starts developing.

Rings are bigger and more attractive so it’s easy to notice them. This is very important if you wish to attract attention with your lip piercing.

Studs: The Advantage

Longer studs can accommodate lip swelling better than rings, which is important during initial healing.

Studs (labrets) are smaller and therefore less likely to get snagged on clothes and other things. Since they are relatively small, there is less risk that you will hit them and hurt your piercing.

Studs don’t move so much inside a piercing. This is beneficial because it makes your piercing hurt less. Also, there is lesser chance of damaging and hurting your piercing on the inside.

Studs are more discreet, which is important if you don’t want to attract a lot of attention to your piercing (for example, during work, etc.)

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