Lip Piercing Aftercare Guide

Lip PiercingDo you have a new lip piercing and are now looking for the appropriate aftercare? It is important to know that lip piercings are in some ways the same as other piercing types while they are different in other aspects. In order to take care of your new lip piercing properly it is vital to know how to perform adequate aftercare. Since lip piercings are both oral and facial piercings in one, keep in mind that the aftercare might be a bit different to what you’re used to with other piercing types. Also, remember that not all lip piercing types are the same, so this is yet another thing to keep in mind.

Lip Piercing Aftercare: Two in One

One thing you need to know about lip piercings is that they combine oral and facial piercing in one. As such, the aftercare has to be a combination of the aftercare suitable for both piercing types.

Also, since part of most lip piercings is located inside the mouth, this both makes the healing process easier and more complicated. It is easier because the inside of the mouth has natural ways to fight off bacteria. This can help preventing infections and other problems.

On the other hand, the inside of the mouth is also a very sensitive area and piercings can always disturb the gentle balance inside your mouth. For example, the jewelry can hurt your gums and teeth, or cause further injuries. The piercing itself can leads to infections. In other words, having a piercing on the inside of the mouth has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to care about.

The other issue is the outside part of your piercing, the one that is on your face and not inside of your mouth. This part should be treated as any other facial piercing, which applies to aftercare as well. When performing aftercare for your lip piercing, keep in mind that these are technically two piercings in one, at least when it comes to aftercare. The outside requires general piercing aftercare while the inside should be treated as an oral piercing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your lip piercing may partially go through the softest part of the lip. It is important to pay attention to this area because it is very sensitive and easy to hurt.

Performing Aftercare

General aftercare for the outside part of your lip piercings should generally be the same as any other piercing type. You should perform cleaning with a saline solution a few times per day. LITHA aftercare approach works well for this: do not touch or handle your piercing if you don’t have to. Never twist or turn your jewelry – that is a recipe for trouble.

The inside part of your lip piercing should be cleaned after every meal, in addition to the regular cleaning twice per day. Whenever there is food or liquid in or you mouth, you need to clean your piercing. The same goes for any other thing that may go in your mouth – you need to clean around your piercing to avoid infections.

Before you handle your piercing, make sure to wash your hands properly. This is extremely important or else you are risking injuries and other problems. Clean hands are one of the best ways to avoid piercing infections.

Additional Info and Tips

  • After getting your piercing done, make sure to avoid eating, drinking or smoking for at least few hours. This will give your piercing some time to recover from the piercing procedure.
  • During the healing period, things like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs should be avoided. If it is impossible for you to quit completely at least make sure to consume these things as little as possible.
  • Lip piercings should heal in about 6 to 10 weeks. The exact healing time will depend on numerous factors, such as your individual anatomy, lip piercing type in question, jewelry and some other things. Good and proper aftercare should generally sped up the healing process or at least make it go smoothly and without issues.
  • It is important to know how to recognize signs of piercing infection. This is very important because infections can spread quickly and endanger your health in numerous ways. Therefore, if you notice any signs of infections make sure to act fast.
  • Main signs of infection you should watch for include swelling, tenderness, pain, pus and general discomfort on the area. Scabbing is also possible. On the outside (the facial part of your lip piercing) it may develop redness. The redness will be of different shade inside the mouth. Keep in mind that a lip piercing can get infected on the outside, on the inside or on the both sides. This is something to keep in mind.
  • Regularly monitor your piercing to see any possible changes. Not all changes mean trouble but it is vital to keep a good eye on your piercing to be able to notice when these changes occur. This is also a good way to catch an infection before it starts developing.
  • Keep in mind that some swelling and tenderness is normal, especially right after getting your piercing done. Do not automatically assumes it’s infection. It might be perfectly okay.
  • You may experience some swelling, redness, scabbing, tenderness, and possibly bleeding. But don’t worry about all this. These are all natural occurrences in the lip piercing healing process.
  • Keep in mind that some lip piercings do not have an oral part. As in, they do not go inside the mouth so there is only the outside part to worry about. That being said, if these piercings involve lips, you need to pay special attention.
  • For lip piercings, it is important to have a new, clean toothbrush. You should change your brush after a month or so.
  • You should avoid oral sex until your lip piercing is fully healed.
  • Avoid swimming in the lakes or swimming pools until your lip piercing is completely healed.
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