Lesbian Urethral Play

Lesbian Urethral PlayUrethral play is a fascinating, highly erotic experience for many people. While there are many men who love urethral toys, it is important to understand that urethral stimulation is not just for men. In fact, there are many women who enjoy it immensely. Lesbians are among women who like urethral stimulation and they often engage in this sexual activity together.

What is Lesbian Urethral Play Like?

Lesbian urethral play is not so different than any other couple urethral play. Remember, urethral stimulation is something you can do alone, or with a partner. It doesn’t matter if you are a lesbian or not.

There are many couples who like to perform urethral stimulation together. This can be very arousing thing but also a bonding experience for both partners. In fact, there are many people who prefer to do urethral play with their partner and not alone.

Couple lesbian urethral play is in many ways similar to any other couple urethral play. Typically, one partner is doing the insertion of urethral toys and the other partner is the receiving partner. This is a great thing if only one of the ladies like the feeling of urethral stimulation. She can have her girlfriend insert urethral toys for her and engage in steamy urethral play.

On the other hand, both women in a couple may like the feeling of urethral toys. In this case, they can take turns being a receptive partner or do it together. If you choose to go this route, make sure not to share toys before sterilizing them. Urethral play is fun but it can bring infections and other problems if you are not careful.

Lesbian Urethral Play Tips

Here are some lesbian urethral play tips to remember:

  • Establish rules. In order for a couple lesbian urethral play to be fun, it is important to establish some rules. Will only one woman be the receiving partner, or do both of you want to experience urethral toys? Do you want to insert toys to each other? What kind of play is ok and what are things that you don’t want to do? These are just some of the rules you need to establish before engaging in couple urethral play.
  • Choose appropriate toys for women. While both men and women can enjoy urethral play, the toys they use are sometimes different. Appropriate urethral toys for women are generally a bit shorter than those for men, since the female urethra is shorter. The thickness of the toy should not be too large so it doesn’t cause overstretching. If you are a beginner, it is best to use shorter and smaller toys until you get used to the sensation.
  • Sterilize toys. It is crucial that any toy that goes into the urethra is fully sterile. Using toys that are not sterile can bring urinary tract infections and other problems. Make sure that the partner handling the toy wears surgical gloves or sterile hands. Do not share toys before sterilizing them – this is the only way to prevent trouble.
  • Practice insertion. If you choose to be the partner doing the insertion, it is important to know how to do it safely. Start slowly and carefully and always take your partner’s input into account. It takes some time to develop a proper skill for sounding so both ladies need to take time and be patient. Eventually, you will be able to develop a technique that will make your partner aroused in no time.
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