Legal Age to be Pierced

Teen With PiercingMany states and country’s are now passing laws to make getting pierced even more difficult for minors. I know that the idea is to make sure that it is safe and that it is not a choice that will be later regretted, which I agree with. Although I can also make an argument as to why under 16 year olds should have access to reputable licensed body piercers, to prevent them from doing some of the idiotic things that they do which in many cases cause serious and disfiguring injuries.

Either way though, when under age it is a very good idea to have your parents involved to help you due to the possible infections, learning the proper cleaning of your piercing, getting the proper jewelry, and also to assess the risks of the piercing and diseases.

Everyone getting pierced is going to be nervous or excited especially the first time, so your oral instructions on how to take care of this will be easily missed or forgotten. With someone else there that is not getting pierced you have an extra set of ears to hear all the do’s and don’ts that may not be on the written instructions that you should always be provided with. This is true regardless of age. So everyone should bring a friend at least.

In todays society you have to be more careful then ever about the shop being sanitary, and the instruments, the jewelry and the Piercer all being properly sterilized. Also brand new needles need to be used every single time. You have to check all of this to help avoid getting Aids or Hepatitis C which are both deadly, or just any bacterial infection that can cause you tons of pain, aggravation, and additional expense.

I know that I would not want to risk my body for a piece of Jewelry especially when you don’t have to. Be smart and ask questions and watch carefully as to what the piercer is doing. There are tons of very reputable studios so there is no reason to “settle” on one that is less then satisfactory, just because of good timing or any other stupid reason.

Just do your research and talk with you parents if you really want this done and if they think you are ready they will be happy to be there with you when you are getting this done.

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2 thoughts on “Legal Age to be Pierced

  1. Unfortunatley there are shops out there that are still gettting away with piercing minors without checking for identification. No matter what laws are in effect kids will always find someone to do a piercing on them illegally for money. Parents please find a shop that has moral standards as well as proper health standards!

  2. I think that with the age high like it is kids are likely to do it themselves and injur something, I have seen it done.
    I can see the high age on genital and tattoo but for ears I don’t see the point in parental permission.
    Besides once they feel the pain of cartilage like my industrial if they are just doing it to be cool they will be turned off.
    I love mine but at that age many aren’t actually interested and it will just be taken out later anyway when they get lazy.

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