What Are the Least to Most Painful Piercings?

Least to Most Painful PiercingsMany beginners wonder about the piercing pain. This is by far the most common fear many people have before getting pierced for the first time. It is not unusual for even the more seasoned piercing enthusiasts to worry about the pain. In many ways, this is normal and expectable. While some people enjoy the pain and excitement associated with getting a piercing, others hate the idea of it. People who are scared of piercing pain often wonder about the level of pain associated with numerous piercings. What are the least to most painful piercings you can get?

How to Measure Pain

One problem with the question about the least to most painful piercings is that it’s not always easy to tell how a person will react. Pain threshold and the way a person reacts are highly individual. Similarly, not everybody finds the same body parts equally painful.

Also, expectations you have before the procedure can influence your experience a lot. Some people fear pain so much that the procedure becomes so scary and intimidating that the perceived pain also seems bigger. On the other hand, there are people who hear scary stories about piercing pain and expect the worst, only to find out that the procedure hurt way less than feared.

In other words, it is all individual. The piercing pain depends on numerous factors. There is actually no consensus about the least to most painful piercings. Some people find certain body parts more painful than the others, but these body parts are not the same for all people. For example, some people find nostril piercings surprisingly painful while others consider them to be among the least painful piercings you can get. The same goes for navel piercings or ear cartilage piercings. As such, it is difficult to make a clear list showing the least to most painful piercings.

The Least to Most Painful Piercings: Quick List

Since it is difficult (or next to impossible) to make a list of least to most painful piercings that will be accurate for all people, it is important to focus on other parameters. Often times, the more painful piercings are the ones that are more complex or performed on the sensitive body parts. As such, they tend to be more painful for many people, though again, there is no uniform rule about this.

On the other hand, some piercings that look complex, painful and sensitive are not as painful as they seem. For example, tongue piercing is known to be a relatively painless piercing. Another surprisingly painless piercing is Prince Albert (PA): while it does hurt it is much less painful than it seems.

With this in mind, here is a quick list of least to most painful piercings, grouped in categories based on pain. Please note that this may not be accurate for everyone and that it simply reflects the complexity of the piercing and sensitivity of the body part. Also, these are just examples; the list does not cover all piercings:

  1. Almost Painless: Earlobe, navel, eyebrow, septum
  2. You will feel some pain: Lip, tongue, nostril
  3. Painful: Nipple, ear cartilage piercings, male and female genital piercings that are not extreme
  4. More pain is expected: Many penis piercings (Ampallang, Apadravya, Dydoe, Dolphin, Reverse PA)
  5. Extreme Piercings: Transscrotal procedures, clitoral piercing
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