Genital Pearling – You know you want to look, so come on, take a look.

There are a lot of body modifications out there that are done purely for aesthetic purposes. However, there are a few body modifications that are done to enhance sexual pleasures for both the partners involved. Genital pearling or beading has become very well known over the past couple of years for this reason. This type of body piercing started with the Yakuza, to mark how many years a person spent in jail. And to this day you still hear stories of men receiving pearls while in jail made from unsanitary materials. This kind of genital piercing is done primarily by men. However, some females find this modification to work well for them as well.

Genital beading is when a bio-compatible material is inserted into either the penis or vagina. Stainless steel, titanium, silicon, or Teflon can be used to create the beads or other desired designs. The shaft and the foreskin of the penis are the places where beading can be done in men. In women the labia is about the only place a genital bead can be placed. There are two ways that genital pearling can be done, the piercing method or the implant method. Each technique has different pros and cons.

The piercing method requires there be an entrance and exit hole, so that the needle and taper can be pushed through. After the holes are made big enough to house the bead, a beading tool is used to place the bead within the skin. The entrance and exit holes are then either sutured or taped up with surgical tape to enclose the bead completely with the skin. This procedure is much like any other genital piercing. It is also faster than the implant method. Because there is an entrance and exit hole, it limits the size and shape of bead that can be placed.

The implant technique allows a little bit more freedom with the placement, size, and design of the beading. With that being said this procedure is also more painful than the piercing technique. This type of implant is much like the 3-D art implants that are done. A single incision is made and then a space or “tunnel” is made for the material to be inserted into the genitals. Once the beads have been put where they are wanted, the incision is then sutured or taped up. To keep the beads from moving throughout the “tunnel” that was created, it is suggested to use tape to keep them in place until they heal. The implant method is the most common way females get genital beading. This type of procedure requires more knowledge about the human body than the piercing method.

Adult/Genital Piercing – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

The genitals are much more vascular than any other tissue in the body. This means that the healing process is much shorter and hassle free than other body modifications. As long as a professional has done the procedure, with the correct type of material and placement, rejection is very rare. Genital pearling is meant to be a permanent modification; however, they can be removed surgically.

Genital pearling like any other adult piercing requires a lot of thought! So be very sure before going for this adult adventure and we recommend reading about the common myths about such body modifications.


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  2. I got mine done in prison and its top notch

  3. Yep… pretty awesome. But keeping the spaces between them is hard to clean so make sure you use an antibacterial penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil for help.. this will keep you free of odors or other nastiness. Cheers fellas.

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