What Kind of Jewelry Will I Get with Nipple Piercing?

Nipple JewelryNipple piercings are more popular than many people think. While general population doesn’t know much about the popularity of nipple piercings, they are everywhere. In fact, nipple piercings are among the most popular piercing types in the world.

Furthermore, these are probably the most popular “hidden” piercing, meaning, the one that cannot be easily seen when you have your clothes on. As such, nipple piercing is the most popular intimate piercing, even though it is not a genital piercing.

Nipple Piercing Jewelry Overview

Since nipple piercing is so popular, it is not surprising that there are many jewelry pieces made to be worn in nipple piercings. Some of these jewelry styles are specially made for the nipple piercing itself while the others can also be used for many different piercing types.

There are some popular nipple jewelry styles that most people with this piercing type will recognize. These jewelry pieces are made to be both attractive and comfortable for the nipple so they don’t make a problem for the wearer.

Popular nipple jewelry styles include:

  • Perhaps the most popular nipple jewelry style is a straight barbell. It goes through the nipple in a straight line, typically horizontally though other directions are also possible. A good thing about a straight barbell is that it can directly follow the direction of the piercing needle and accommodate the new hole during the healing time.
  • Captive Bead Rings. This is another popular option for nipple piercings. In fact, these are so popular than people sometimes refer to all nipple jewelry as “nipple rings”. A CBR (Captive Bead Ring) can easily go through the nipple and it looks very effective when inserted.
  • Special Nipple Jewelry Styles. There are also some special jewelry styles made just for the nipple piercings. These pieces are typically very decorated and rich so they attract a lot of attention to your nipples. They are usually made of a simpler jewelry type, such as a straight barbell, but with an addition of chains and other decorations. Popular types of specialized nipple jewelry are nipple stirrups, nipple shields and nipple rounders.

So, What Kind of Jewelry Will I Get with Nipple Piercing?

This depends a lot on your piercer. If we refer to the initial jewelry, that is, the one you get after performing the piercing, the main options are plain jewelry pieces that will promote healing and that will ensure safety for your new piercing.

Piercers don’t fully agree if straight barbells or Captive Bead Rings work better, so it will usually depend on your piercer to decide. Some piercers even go after different types of rings that are not CBR type, such as segment and seamless rings or screwball rings. A lot will also depend on you anatomy and other potential factors, so it is important to find a reliable, knowledgeable piercer you can trust.

Later, when your nipple piercing is fully healed, you can choose any type of a jewelry piece that can accommodate a nipple piercing. You can also opt for heavier, decorated pieces such as nipple stirrups, shields and rounders. However, make sure to use only plain, comfortable, light and smooth jewelry until your new piercing is fully healed.

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