How to Keep Sounds Clean after Sterilization?

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Once the plugs and sounds have been washed and boiled how do I store them to keep them clean until I’m ready to use them? Do I just wipe them down with sterile swabs and start using them?

I don’t want any health issues and I want to stay clean.

Thx, Tommy 

Keep Sounds Clean after SterilizationIt is vital to use only urethral sounds and other urethral toys that are completely clean and sterile. This is a good rule to follow for all sex toys as well as body jewelry. However, it is even more crucial in the case of urethral toys because even the slight amount of dirt and microorganisms can cause serious problems. This is why it’s so important to know how to keep sounds clean after sterilization. 

The Importance of Sterilization

Sterilization is an important thing you need to do with all your metal toys as well as 316L surgical steel body jewelry. The best way to completely sterilize toys and jewelry is to use autoclave, but most people don’t have this machine in their home. Jewelry comes clean from the jewelry shop and sex toys are also properly sterile when you receive them.

However, toys get dirty during use. This is why it’s so important to sterilize them and to keep them clean before you use them again. Sterilization is a must for those who want to share their toys with a partner, such as those who are into BDSM. Urethral toys are another important example of sex toys that you need to keep sterile. Since these toys go inside of the urethra, even the slightest amount of bacteria can cause urinary tract infections and other problems. Of course, all other sex toys should be sterile, too.

You can sterilize metal sex toys by boiling them in water. While this is not the best method for sterilization, it works well enough for home use. Just make sure that your toys are high-quality sex toys so they can’t be damaged through boiling. High-quality urethral toys such as sounds and penis plugs can easily be sterilized in boiling water.

Once you get your sterile toy, what to do next? Many people wonder how to keep sounds clean after sterilization. Should you touch the toy? If yes, how to keep it sterile? When is the best time to sterilize a toy: before or after use? 

How to Keep Sounds Clean before Use?

The best way to keep sounds clean after sterilization is to sterilize them right before use. This may seem like a hassle but it is the safest way to go. Many people sterilize their toys in special containers that they only use for this purpose. This approach might seem less than spontaneous but it does provide the best results.

To handle your urethral sound once it is sterile, it is best to use surgical gloves. Don’t forget that you need to let the toy dry and cool down before you can use it after boiling. Many people use clean, sterile cloth for this purpose or another type of clean surface.

The best way to do it is to handle your urethral sound with surgical gloves all the time after you sterilize it. It is important not to handle a sterile sound with dirty hands. Remember: simply washing your hands might not be enough.

Another option is to store urethral sounds after you sterilize them. This way, you don’t have to do the whole preparation before use. However, this is not a completely safe option because the container (box, bag) where you keep your sound has to be sterile, too. You may try using sterile medical boxes or bags of various sizes to store your toys. Keep in mind that each toy needs its own container in order to keep it sterile.

Keep Sounds Clean after Sterilization: Quick Rules

As you can see, the important rule is not to touch sterile urethral toys with hands. This is why using medical gloves is so important. It is on you to decide whether you want to sterilize your toys right before use or to sterilize them after use and keep them in a sterile container. Keep in mind that the longer a toy stays exposed after sterilization, the greater the chance of contamination.

Here are some quick rules on how to keep sounds clean after sterilization:

  • Even if you choose to sterilize your toys before use it is important to clean them after you use them. You may not need to sterilize them if you are going to do that before use but it is crucial to clean them properly.
  • It is important to store your urethral toys and other sex toys in sterile containers if you want them to stay sterile. An ordinary box is not enough. You will need medical supplies that are completely sterile.
  • Get a box of sterile medical gloves and use them to handle your toys. This is the only way for them to stay sterile.
  • Any cloth or a towel you use to dry and cool your toys need to be sterile, too.
  • Some people go as far wearing surgical gloves when they use their urethral sounds. This may not sound sexy, but it is a very safe option. Plus, it does seem sexy to many people, including those with a medical fetish.
  • If you touch any part of the toy with unclean hands or if you leave them in a non-sterile surface make sure to do sterilization again to keep the toy safe for use.
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