Jobs and Body Piercings are mixing together better

Are jobs becoming harder for you to get because of your piercings? Things could be looking up for you soon. On the front cover of the December 2006 issue of Government Executive magazine is a female civil servant, appropriately dressed, with both nose and ear piercings. The baby boom generation and older do not seem to like the idea of piercings and tattoo’s at the office, but they are likely to see more of this since the younger generations are now taking the jobs of those who retire or leave the workplace. I personally don’t see what the big deal is as long as you dress and act the part. There is no difference between an eyebrow ring and earrings.

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I think most all business will be looking to change dress codes eventually in order to accommodate body piercings and tattoos. Because if they don’t they will be turning down a lot of qualified help that their business could really use. I can see having to set limits to what is appropriate in the companies eyes based on the different jobs. However these guidelines I hope will be set based on money and not personal opinion. The company is in business to make money and if they find that sales people with facial piercings close less deals then ones without then by all means if in their place I would also set dress codes to limit the facial piercings. But because you personally don’t like it as a manager is not only ignorant but unfair to someone that may be more qualified then you. I think as long as it is not financial set back to the company, a health hazard or danger to you, to wear your piercing jewelry, then I don’t see what they problem is.

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One thought on “Jobs and Body Piercings are mixing together better

  1. I’m what the French so nicely call “a lady of a certain age,” and I started down the road of body piercing only a couple of years ago. I work in the legal field (for a municipality) which is very conservative and I enjoy shaking ’em up a little — even grossing them out, if that’s how they have to react. Seeing younger people with imaginative piercings does not bother me a bit. In fact, one of my co-workers in another of our City departments has a LOT of piercings b/c he also has a band. I guess he’s young enough to be my son! But he thinks I’m pretty cool. My husband is not too keen on all this, but too bad. I do love jewelry and navel, ear and nose piercings give me lots of additional places to display. So, no, seeing piercings on younger folks in the workplace doesn’t offend me in the slightest.

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