Is Urethral Sounding Easier for Women?

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It is easier for women to use large sounds, because there is no swollen spongiosum. I sound my girlfriend and literally the first time she could use the largest sound that is sold. We are now working up to dildos until she can fit my penis. Amazing ty has done urethral intercourse. I’ve even seen pretty extreme 3 finger stretching.

Many people wonder about female urethral sounding and if it’s easier than male sounding. It is important to note that there are numerous similarities and also some differences when it comes to male and female urethral stimulation. However, regardless of your gender, you need to be very careful when it comes to urethral play. This is an activity that can bring numerous risks so you need to know how to stay safe during urethral stimulation. Is urethral sounding easier for men or women? The truth is that both can be achieved with great success as long as you are careful and make sure not to hurt yourself of your partner.

The Difference between Male and Female Urethral Sounding

Urethral Sounding

In many ways, male and female urethral stimulation is very similar. Both involve inserting urethral toys into the urethra. This has to be done carefully and with plenty of lube so you don’t hurt you or your partner. Keep in mind that urethral play always carries a certain risk so you need to do everything you can to stay safe during urethral stimulation.

Women are sometimes at a heightened risk, mainly because urethral sounds are instruments made for male examinations. They are generally made for a penis, so using them on a female urethra needs some adjustment. Women have a much shorter urethra, which means that one needs to be very careful with long urethral toys.

Also, many women have a urethra that is narrower than that of a man.

Obviously, it depends on the person but this is yet another reason to be careful. As a result, many toys designed for male urethral stimulation may not be the best choice for women. This is particularly true for very long urethral sounds with a curve. Those are made for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. Women usually can’t benefit from these toys so it’s best not to use them on your female partner.

So, is Urethral Sounding Easier for Women?

It is true that women don’t have a swollen spongiosum, which makes the movement of the toys easier in some cases. Some people also find it easier to stretch a female urethra for this reason. However, it is important to remember that you need to be very careful while doing this. Female urethra is very short and can get hurt easily, so this is why it’s important to go slowly and without a force.

Generally speaking, if a urethral toy can go very easily and slip deep into the urethra on its own, it’s usually a sign that you are using a toy that is too thin. Thin toys are easy to insert but they are potentially dangerous because they are difficult to control. For this reason, it is always best to use a urethral toy that is about the same size (diameter) as the urethra.

If it’s very easy for a partner to insert thick urethral toys, then it’s important to be particularly careful. Urethral training to stretch a female urethra to super-large sizes needs to be slow and careful. It is important to prevent overstretching during training. Even if it seems that it’s easy to insert urethral toys and dildos, it’s important to go slowly.

Again, female urethra is very short and you can injure it easily. Also, their urethra is often narrower so it makes for a tricky situation during insertion. Keep in mind that both of these things make women more prone to urinary tract infections so it’s important to be extra careful.

In Conclusion

If your urethral play with your girlfriend goes easily, great! Just make sure to be careful during urethral training. It’s important to make sure not to injure her urethra. With a bit of an effort you will be able to stretch her enough for urethral intercourse. Still, this is not something that you should rush so be patient and the results will come.

Happy sounding!

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  1. The Women’s urethra is relatively short, therefore, one is fast in the bladder and there the risk of infection is very high. In the area of the vulva, it is almost impossible to work sterile. As be careful. In men, a meatus external and urethral stretch is relatively safe because the urethra to the prostate is about 19cm long. If one does not penetrate into the urinary bladder is the risk of infection is not high. Because the urethra can always rinse with sterile urine.

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