Is there a Captive Bead Alternative for Piercings?

Captive Bead Alternative for PiercingsMany fans of piercings and other body modifications know the importance of body jewelry. After all, this is what makes a piercing so attractive. But that’s not all. Good body jewelry is more than a simple ornament. Many times it’s a functional part of your piercing. Jewelry is what prevents the piercing from closing and it often helps it stay healthy and safe. Out of all body jewelry styles, Captive Bead Rings are among the most popular ones. But it is not always possible to wear these rings and sometimes you just wish to change a style. This is why it’s so important to find a Captive Bead alternative.

What is a Captive Bead Alternative?

A Captive Bead alternative for piercings is any body jewelry style that is not a Captive Bead Ring but can successfully replace it. A good alternative has to be such that it looks and feels equally good in your piercing. Remember, there is a reason why CBRs are so popular. They are very common so there are many designs to choose from. They are safe and comfortable and they are easy to use.

Any Captive Bead alternative has to fulfill these conditions and to provide you with something that is equally as good while giving you something extra. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be better than a Captive Bead Ring, it just has to be equally good but a bit different. This slight difference makes your piercing stand out and provides it with a slightly different style that can be very attractive.

Sometimes, a good Captive Bead alternative will be the one that actually improves your experience. For example, CBRs are great but they are also often difficult to open and close so you might want to use an alternative that is easier to wear. Another common problem with Captive Bead Rings is that it’s easy to lose the bead so you might want to use an alternative where it’s not so easy to lose part of the jewelry.

Some Good Captive Bead Alternative Choices

If you want to use a Captive Bead alternative for your piercing, remember that your new jewelry has to fit your piercing. In other words, it should be appropriate for your piercing type. If a Captive Bead Ring was appropriate then chances are that you will need to use another type of a piercing ring or, perhaps, a circular barbell.

Here are some good Captive Bead alternative choices you can use for your piercings:

  • Fixed Bead Rings.These rings look about the same as CBRs but they have a bead that is permanently fixed to the ring. This is good news for those who are scared that they might lose their bead of a Captive Bead Ring. In many other ways, fixed rings work the same as CBRs so chances are that you will be able to use them whenever you can use a CBR.
  • Screwball Rings. Similarly to fixed rings, screwball rings look about the same as Captive Bead Rings. However, their bead is screwed to the body of the ring so it is more difficult to remove. While it is not permanently fixed to the ring it is screwed tightly so it is difficult to lose it. This is a good choice for those who are scared that they might lose a bead on their CBR.
  • Seamless and Segment rings.These rings do not have a bead at all. Instead, they look like perfect loops so they are very elegant. In many ways, these are rings like other body piercing rings so chances are that you can use them for most piercings where you can use a CBR.
  • Circular Barbells.These barbells resemble a horseshoe. Instead of a full circle, they have a gap at one point. They are often used in the same piercing types as CBRs but you need to check to make sure that you can use them instead of rings in your piercing.
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