Is Organic Jewelry for Ears Only?

Organic JewelryThere are many types of organic body jewelry pieces you can use. This all natural body jewelry looks amazing and can add a special touch to your style. Most of the organic jewelry pieces, such as wooden plugs or glass headhunters, are specially designed for stretched earlobe piercings.

These jewelry pieces have a large gauge and they look amazing in your stretched lobes. However, it is important to know that organic jewelry is not just for ear piercings. In fact, it can go great in many different piercing types and on many different body parts.

Organic Jewelry for Other Body Parts

Good news! You can use your organic jewelry, such as twists, headhunters, plugs and others, for piercings that are not on your ears. Generally speaking, these organic jewelry pieces are idea for stretched piercings, so you can use them on almost any type of a large gauge piercing.

For example, organic nipple rings are very popular for those with stretched nipple piercings. Others like to use exotic wood piercing jewelry in their navel piercing or even for facial piercings such as nose piercing and lip piercings. These are often the more extreme forms of stretched piercings and these look amazing with organic jewelry.

What Kind of Piercings Can’t Use Organic Jewelry?

As much is important to know what kind of piercings can use organic jewelry, it is equally, if not more, crucial to know what kind of piercings cannot use these jewelry styles. Keep in mind that organic body piercing jewelry is amazing but it is simply not safe for certain piercing types.

Piercings that should not use organic jewelry:

  • Genital piercings.

    Organic jewelry is not a good choice for genital piercings, even if you choose to stretch them. While organic jewelry is often smooth and without harsh edges, it is still not as smooth as metal jewelry. Also, the possibility of body reactions on certain types of wood or other organic materials is not a good idea when you have a genital piercing. To avoid these problems, use other jewelry pieces and stay clear of the organic ones.

  • Small gauge piercings.

    Organic jewelry is generally ideal for large gauge piercings and piercings that you stretch. These jewelry styles rarely, if ever, come in small gauges. This is why it is not a good idea to use them on piercings that have a very small gauge.

  • Newly-Stretched piercings.

    It is important to let your body recover from stretching before you wear organic jewelry. Keep in mind that your piercing hole is slightly irritated after stretching so you need to make it fully recover before you insert organic jewelry pieces in it.

  • New piercings.

    New piercings that are still healing are not a good candidates for organic jewelry pieces. It is important to use these jewelry pieces only on fully healed and well-established piercings.

  • Damaged or infected piercings.

    If you have an infection or another problem with your piercing, it is best to replace your organic jewelry with another material. Metals that are super-safe for the body, such as titanium, are a much better choice for these piercings.

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