Is Glycerin in Lubes Okay for Urethral Play?

Is Glycerin in Lubes Okay for Urethral PlayThere are many different types of lubricants you can use for various sexual activities. However, urethral play is a bit different. In order to prevent infections and other problems, it is important to use only sterile lubricants with safe ingredients. Is glycerin in lubes okay for urethral play?

What is Glycerin and What it Does?

It is important to understand what glycerin is, so you can judge if it is a good choice for your lube or not. Is glycerin in lubes okay for urethral play? To answer this question, it is important to understand what glycerin is and what is can do.

Glycerin is typically found in water-based lubricants. Many of them contain this ingredient, although there are also many of those who do not. Glycerin is a byproduct of sugar, and it is a humectant: a substance for retaining moisture. Its main goal is to make lube last for longer and keep its wetness throughout your sexual play. You can find glycerin in many personal lubricants, particularly those that have special properties, such as flavored lube or warming lube.

The effects of these lubricants can be very arousing, but there is a huge drawback when it comes to glycerin. As a byproduct of sugar, it is a breeding ground for bacteria. This is why many women report bad experiences with glycerin lube: it can cause itchiness and yeast infections in the Glycerin in Lubes Okay for Urethral Play or Not? vagina. Glycerin is a great food source for microbes, so it can cause problems.

This not to say that lube containing glycerin is never appropriate to use. However, it is crucial to be very careful. Also, you should definitely not use lubricant with glycerin for certain types of sexual activities.

Glycerin in Lubes Okay for Urethral Play or Not?

Is glycerin in lubes okay for urethral play? The simple answer to this is: no. Keep in mind that glycerin is a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. They feed on sugars in glycerin and can multiply quickly.

Urethral play requires you to insert toys deep into the urethra. It means that any toy that you use for urethral stimulation has to be absolutely sterile. If toys are not sterile, they can cause urinary tract infections and other problems.

Since you need a reliable lube to make the experience of sounding as smooth and enjoyable as possible, it means that your lube has to be sterile, too. A lube containing glycerin is not sterile, and it can cause numerous problems. As a sugar alcohol, glycerin can provide a good environment for bacteria to grow, and this is a recipe for trouble.

In order to stay safe during urethral play, it is important to stay away from lubricants that contain glycerin. Instead, use sterile lubricants, preferably those that doctors use for examinations. This is how you’ll know that your lube is safe and that you can enjoy it for urethral sounding.

Happy sounding!

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