Is Female Urethral Play Sexually Stimulating?

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Is sounding stimulation to a female in her urethra sexually/orgasmically stimulating as well?

Is Female Urethral Play Sexually StimulatingUrethral stimulation can be very arousing and powerful. While not all people enjoy this type of stimulation there are enough fans of urethral play. These people can use many different urethral toys to enjoy some good urethral play.

This type of sexual stimulation is often seen as a male activity. After all, there are many men who enjoy some steamy penis sounding. Female urethral stimulation is not such a popular topic.

Is Female Urethral Play Sexually Stimulating: The Answer

Is female urethral play sexually stimulating and orgasmic? The simple answer is: yes. Women can enjoy urethral play as much as men do. In fact, there are many ladies who regularly use urethral toys to satisfy themselves.

While female urethra is shorter and narrower than male urethra it is possible to stretch it and insert urethral toys. There are many women who adore the feeling of urethral toys and who find urethral play very arousing. Many women who enjoy urethral stimulation like to incorporate it into their masturbation routine: they insert urethral toys while also rubbing their clit or inserting fingers or toys into the vagina and anus. For many women, this a very erotic and arousing experience.

Women who like urethral play claim that it provides very powerful sensations. Since urethra is very close to clitoris and vagina, urethral play provides massage to all these sweet spots. Women claim that urethral stimulation brings new feelings and that it makes their orgasms super strong and powerful. Of course, not all women are adventurous enough to try this but there are many of those who love urethral play.

Differences between Female and Male Urethral Play

While there are many similarities between male and female urethral play, there are also some differences:

  • Women don’t have a prostate. It means that it is impossible for them to do prostate massage or to achieve prostate orgasm. This is not so much of a problem, though: clitoris and vagina can provide a lot of stimulation. It simply means that women cannot perform or enjoy prostate massage.
  • Another difference is that female urethra is very short, which means that they cannot perform deep urethral play. Or, rather, almost any urethral play is deep because it is not difficult to insert a urethral toy all the way to the bladder. This can be dangerous and it’s not appealing to everyone (most women don’t like this sort of stimulation) so it is very important to be gentle and not to shove urethral toys too deep.
  • Women cannot use all types of urethral toys. For example, penis plugs with glans rings are almost useless for women since they cannot user the ring, though there are some creative ladies who use their plugs in interesting ways. Also, most women don’t need urethral toys that are as thick as those men use so they often opt for thinner urethral toys. This depends a lot on the preferences and desires but many women benefit from toys that are not too overwhelming.
  • Higher risk of infections. While urinary tract infections are always a risk with urethral play, these are more of a problem for women. Since female urethra is much shorter than male urethra it is easier for bacteria to reach female bladder. This is why women who like to perform urethral play need to be extra careful to avoid urinary tract infections.
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