Is Ball Stretching Permanent?

Ball Stretching PermanentOne of the most important things people want to know about ball stretching is what kind of results you can expect. While there are some people who engage in ball stretching solely for the pleasure of it and the intense feelings, most users do it to achieve those impressive low-hangers. It is not a secret that wearing ball weights regularly will sure elongate your scrotum. However, it is not so clear how long-lasting these results are. This is why many people wonder: is ball stretching permanent?

Important Things to Remember

It is important to know that it is possible to stretch one’s scrotum, but your body often wants to bring them back to their original position. This is why it takes a lot of time and dedication to stretch your balls. It takes even more effort and time to make long-lasting results. If you want to make your ball stretching permanent (or semi-permanent), long-lasting and truly noticeable, you will need to work for it. It means investing in high-quality ball stretching devices and developing a dedicated ball stretching regime. All of these things will help you maintain long-lasting results.

However, keep in mind that a lot of depends on your body. Some people find it easier to stretch their balls than the others. It is just the way it is. If you are not one of those people who stretch easily, you will need to work harder for it.

How to Make Ball Stretching Permanent

If you are one of those people who use ball weights mainly for results, you will want to know how to make ball stretching permanent. It is important to know that there is no magic formula on how to achieve this. Also, “permanent” is a relative word – chances are that you will experience some changes at one point.

Because of this, instead of asking how to make ball stretching permanent, a better question to ask is how to make the longest-lasting results. If you achieve this, it will basically amount to the same. While your scrotum will probably become shorter after not wearing ball weights for a long while, the goal is to achieve results that last. With this, you will be able to wear your ball stretching devices only periodically and still maintain those low-hanging balls.

Also, once you achieve really good results, your low hangers will hand really low so any shrinkage due to not wearing ball weights will not be so noticeable. Remember: there are many men who have impressive low-hanging balls and who can keep these results for long periods of time. It’s just that human body is not always predictable so it is not responsible to promise anyone that they will have absolutely permanent stretching results. What is possible to say, though, is that you can make ball stretching results long-lasting and that after some point your balls will probably never be as short as in the beginning.

Tips for More Permanent Results

If you want to make ball stretching permanent (or as close to it as you can get), here are some things you can do:

  • Use proper ball stretching devices. Take your time to research the best ball weights and other devices for stretching.
  • Try different ball weights until you discover which ones are the most comfortable and which ones work for you the best.
  • Take your time to perform manual exercises and to prepare your scrotum properly before attaching your ball weights. Massaging your scrotum in the shower and performing manual stretching can help with relaxation so it is easier to attach ball weights.
  • Build your endurance by wearing ball stretchers for longer periods of time. Of course, you should start small and gradually wear your stretchers for longer periods of time.
  • Start with lighter ball weights and build your way up from there. You need to do this gradually over a longer period of time to let your body adjust.
  • Let your body rest between sessions. You should take your ball stretchers off periodically and allow your scrotum to rest. This will help a lot with preventing injuries and other problems.
  • Be patient. Achieving long-lasting results take time. There are many people who build their ball stretching routine over months, even years. This is not something you can get in a week. Understand this and take your time.
  • Be mindful of your body. You should never try too hard by applying weights that are too heavy or by wearing them for too long. This can only hurt your body and cause injuries, which will set your progress back. You need to be patient and work slowly by building your ball stretching routine.

Happy stretching!

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