Is a Foreskin Piercing Functional?

Kuno-PiercingForeskin piercing is one of the rare male genital piercings. It is a piercing for men who are not circumcised. This is a relatively easy piercing to perform and typically doesn’t cause much problem.

Since it’s such a light piercing that is not difficult to get, some people wonder about the advantages of having a foreskin piercing. In other words, does this piercing help with sexual pleasure? Is a foreskin piercing functional?

Functional Genital Piercings

There are many functional piercings out there. A piercing is considered “functional” if it has an additional effect besides the aesthetic one. The function it performs doesn’t have to be sexual. However, most of the time, functional piercings are those that are sexual, in that they can enhance sexual pleasure for the wearer and his partner.

In this sense, most of the functional piercings are genital piercings. Many of these look great and can improve sexual pleasure, so they are highly enjoyable. It is therefore not surprising that so many people are interested in them. A perfect functional piercing can provide immense sexual pleasure and can even make some women achieve orgasm for the first time.

On the other hand, not all genital piercings are necessarily functional. While genital area is very sensitive, not all spots are equally great for stimulation. Piercings done on these spots will not be functional and will not enhance pleasure in any significant way. It doesn’t make these piercings worthless, though. They are still beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. They make the body part in question more attractive and draw attention to them.

It can be very attractive for one’s partner and jewelry always make a great thing to play with. In this sense, even the non-functional genital piercings can have additional use beyond purely aesthetic one.

Is a Foreskin Piercing Functional and How to Enjoy It

When it comes to the foreskin piercing, it is not your typical functional genital piercings. It is important to know that foreskin piercings, such as Kuno piercing, are rare genital piercing types. There are not many people who have it done.

Those with a foreskin piercing claim that it is not particularly useful for enhancing sexual pleasure. This piercing is generally not considered a functional one. This goes for all types of foreskin piercings. The most popular one is Kuno piercing, which is done under the end of the foreskin, near the penis head.

However, there are other possible placements for the foreskin piercing. You can pierce foreskin almost anywhere. The precise spot does influence the future usability of the piercing in the functional sense. Some spots are more sensitive than the others and can rub on the penis in a pleasurable way. This particularly goes if you have a nice jewelry piece that hits just the right spot.

It’s All Individual

So, in a certain sense, foreskin piercing can add a bit to the sexual pleasure. It depends on the person, so it’s all individual. Some people claim to enjoy this piercing immensely and that it does improve sexual pleasure to them. Others find only a mild improvement in sex. There are also some people who claim that foreskin piercing doesn’t add anything to their sexual pleasure.

As you can see, it all depends on the person. Foreskin piercing is too rare to have a general consensus over its usefulness. It is not really a functional piercing, but there are some people who do claim that it does enhance pleasure. Even if it doesn’t fully improve sex, this piercing can bring some nice sensations, so it’s not a bad thing to have it. After all, this is a piercing that is not difficult to perform and usually doesn’t cause much trouble so it doesn’t require much effort on your part.

It is not painful to perform so you don’t have to worry about getting a very painful piercing that does not enhance pleasure as much as you like. You may get a foreskin piercing to test if it feels pleasurable and if you like how it feels and looks. It is a good way to test if foreskin piercing is functional or not.

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One thought on “Is a Foreskin Piercing Functional?

  1. I’m interested with foreskin piercing, I have short foreskin and I want it on the top (11 and 1 o’clock), using Barbell style.

    In my ears, I have two one inch piercings, and one standard piercing. I’m no longer wearing the piercing. The standard piercing (1.5mm) it’s harder to clean up after I’m not wearing the piercing, so it’s kinda smelly.

    My question is, because foreskin is elastic, is it hard to clean up ? and is it possible can be smelly ?

    I live in a country that 99% men are circumcised, and I asked tattoo piercing studios, nobody done this before, even they’re never do a piercing on genital area, it’s hard to find information about this here.

    I really appreciate your answer.
    Thank you

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