Internally Threaded vs. Externally Threaded Jewelry – Which One You Should Prefer and Why

It’s an ongoing dilemma is; should body jewelry be internally or externally threaded? Whenever you choose to purchase from an online body jewelry store, you have the option of picking jewelry which is threaded internally or externally. So which one should you pick? And why? Here is an attempt at making the decision easier.

What is internally threaded jewelry?

Internally threaded body jewelry has a threaded hole inside the barbell and an external thread protruding from the ball. A barbell passes through the piercing and then the ball is inserted and screwed into place.

What is externally threaded jewelry?

Externally threaded body jewelry has the thread on the end of the barbell and it is placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. This means that when the jewelry is being passed through the piercing, the threads also pass through it, and then the ball is screwed into place.

We vote for internally threaded jewelry!

The Chain Gang has been in the online jewelry business for well over a decade and we speak from experience – always choose internally threaded jewelry pieces. What would you rather have – a smooth or threaded barbell pass through a raw, new piercing? Obviously you wouldn’t want threads to scratch and tear at fresh piercings!

But it is not just about comfort, the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) has set the following standards for quality and hassle free jewelry – “Threaded jewelry for initial piercings must have internal tapping (no threads on posts) starting from 16 gauge”. There you have it; right from the horse’s mouth.

Here are some other reasons you should prefer internally threaded jewelry:

  • Internally threaded jewelry causes less trauma to a fresh piercing and is much easier to wear and take off. It also reduces irritations. With externally threaded jewelry, which has the threaded end exposed, there is a much higher risk of damage to your piercing.
  • Internally threaded jewelry is less likely to carry germs or bacteria into a piercing. When a piercing is fresh, it should be kept as irritation free and clean as possible. In externally threaded pieces, bacteria and germs attached themselves in the threads which come readily in contact with the piercing.
  • Internally threaded jewelry is more stable and strong. It is made with utmost precision and the ends are far less likely to come loose by accident- a common problem with externally threaded jewelry. The longer your jewelry lasts, the more you save in replacement costs!

The Chain Gang votes for internally threaded, and even all of our 14k Gold is internally threaded that is 14 gauge and larger!

One might argue that internally threaded jewelry is more expensive, but there is a reason for it. Internally threaded jewelry is much more difficult and expensive to produce, the threading is much tighter and requires more precision – so it costs more. Internally threaded pieces do result in safer and healthier piercings and the healing process is faster. You cannot put a price tag on that!

The Chain Gang carries a wide range of body jewelry for all piercings. Our pieces are all made from the highest quality materials. Find body jewelry in 14k nickel free gold, hybrid material and much more!

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Free shipping on orders over $150!

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  2. Hello gang,
    Stumbled on ur website, LOVE, LOVE!!! Just had an industrial always wanted one. Anyway u mentioned recommend internal threaded jewelry as opposed to external. I think my piercer used external. When my ears heal can I switch to internal? Definatel going to buy all my jewelry from u guys.
    ( Can’t seem to find ur web address.)

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