Internally Threaded Titanium Screwball Rings

Internally threaded Titanium Screwball Ring

Wide Gap Internally Threaded Titanium Screwball Rings.

These Screwballs are a little different in that even when the ball is screwed all the way in, there is still a small opening, so they are not good for piercing like PAs and a few others, but for nipples or ears where gravity will help them to hang properly and not come out, they are great.

There is no more pliers need to insert or remove your ring. Also being Titanium which has no alloys, it makes allergic reactions slim to none with this piece. And being Titanium the body jewelry it is much lighter then the same piece in Surgical Steel or Gold.
You can have either a Titanium Ball or a Surgical Steel Ball which ever you prefer.

The 00ga, 7/16″ and 1/2″ are only available with Surgical Steel Balls but the Ring is still Titanium.

18 gauge is Externally threaded all other are all Internally Threaded.

Remember these Screwball Rings have a larger then average gap on them, so they are Not Suitable For A piercing like a PA, or any other piercing where they will not be hanging vertically all the time.

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