How Intense is Testicular Pain in CBT?

cock and ball torture toysCBT (Cock and Ball Torture) is a sexual activity that brings pain to penis and testicles. Some people who are into BDSM and other kink activities do like CBT. This is a kink for those who like painful pleasures. As such, it is definitely not for everyone, but those who enjoy pain and like to mix pain and sexual arousal often appreciate what cock and ball torture can bring. However, it is not always easy to start practicing this activity, especially if you are new to this kink. There are also people who just want to add some intensity to their routine but not really to go overboard. How intense is testicular pain in CBT? Is this truly an extreme activity?

So how Intense is Testicular Pain in CBT?

How intense is testicular pain in CBT? The truth is that all depends on what you want and what kind of devices you use for CBT. While cock and ball torture is a kink activity for those who appreciate painful pleasures, and while it can be very extreme, it is important to know that it all depends on you and your partner. CBT can be as light or as intense as you make it out to be. If you want to try it out but don’t want to be overwhelmed, don’t worry: there are ways to achieve it. Just like other kink activities, it all depends on understanding and communication between partners. There is no reason for CBT to be particularly extreme unless you want it that way.

In other words, how intense is testicular pain in CBT will depend on how you perform cock and ball torture. For the lightest possible variation, CBT can only be teasing and slightly crossing the boundary between pain and pleasure. In these situations, your penis and testicles may be handled roughly or teased with CBT toys, but without big pain or huge discomfort.

On the other hand, if you truly appreciate more intense activates and if you want to bring the experience to the next level, yes, it is possible. In these situations CBT can be very painful and extreme. This is generally good for more experienced users who have plenty of experience with cock and ball torture so it’s generally best to start small and work your way up from there. You need to test your boundaries and see what you like and what kind of an experience you want to get. If the goal is to have a fully intense, extreme CBT experience, don’t worry: it is possible to achieve.

How to Control the Pain?

In other words, it all depends on you and your partner. There has to be an agreement over what it okay and what is not okay. You need to communicate and agree on what kind of a scenario you wish to play and how painful you really want CBT play to be. Once you agree on this, it is possible to control the intensity. However, in order to do it right you need to know how to handle CBT devices properly and what kind of CBT toys are the best for the effect you want to build.

Those looking for a less overwhelming experience should use lighter cock and ball torture toys, such as less intense ball stretchers or ropes. Alternatively, you may want to use lower settings of cock and ball torture toys. For example, if you want to try a spiked cock ring, don’t make it too tight. If you want to try E-stim toys, don’t turn it on to the highest level, etc. This is the best way to start experimenting with CBT to discover what kind of stimulation and what level of intensity works best for you and your partner.

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