What If Inserting Urethral Toys Hurts?

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In stretching it seems that the meatus is the limitation and that is were the pain comes from. I have tried the 8MM rod and after it has been in for 5-10 minutes the pain will go away until I remove it. I have left it in with the gland ring on for 18 hours until finally is was more uncomfortable than painful. How long do I leave something like this in to get the stretching done? I would like to get to the point that I can just drop in the 8MM sounding without having to push past the meatus. What is a typical routine for stretching? 

One of the most important steps in urethral play is to be able to insert urethral toys without a problem. While some people can do that naturally, most users need to stretch and train their urethra first. This process should not be traumatic and can be very fun for many people. However, it doesn’t always happen. What if inserting urethral toys hurts? 

Problems with Insertion: Inserting Urethral Toys Hurts

Inserting Urethral Toys HurtsWhile many people can insert urethral toys without a problem it does pose some challenge to some users. This mainly comes from the anatomy itself: the penis is made for expelling things out of the pee hole, not accepting things inside. The urethra naturally wants to get things out and this is what it does best. Also, keep in mind that most things that get out of the penis are fluids and are not very thick: urine and semen can pass even through a small hole. The meatus doesn’t have to be very wide for this to happen.

It is very different with urethral toys. Here, not only we want to insert things into the urethra but the toys for urethral play are much firmer and thicker than fluids. It poses some challenge and puts a pressure onto the meatus. This is where some people encounter problems: their pee hole seems too narrow or sensitive. Inserting urethral toys hurts in these situations and it becomes almost impossible.

While this might not be a permanent problem it does create numerous issues for those who want to practice urethral stimulation. In order to be able to enjoy larger and longer toys you generally need to stretch and train your urethra. Stretching and training can become very difficult if inserting urethral toys hurts. 

Overcoming the Problem

If you find that inserting urethral toys hurts, don’t panic. Chances are that you will be able to overcome thing problem, but you might need to work for it. Keep in mind that most people are able to use urethral toys and enjoy urethral play. This is impossible only to a small number of people. While urethral stimulation is still not a very popular activity among general population it is not because many people find it impossible to insert toys into the penis. The lack of popularity is mainly due to the relative obscurity of the urethral play and the fact that people might not find this practice appealing.

The point is that most people are able to insert toys into the penis. If you find it painful or challenging, here are some tips on how to overcome the problem:

  • Use plenty of lube. It seems like a simple step but many people underestimate how much lube they actually need. Use lube both on the urethral toy and your penis. Squeeze the lube inside of the penis and past the meatus. This should help making things smoother.
  • Try different types of urethral toys and stretchers. While all good urethral toys are safe there are many different designs you can try. We are all individuals so what might be perfect for one person might not work for the other. The best advice is to use a popular stretcher or a small, smooth penis plug. Smooth toys are much more comfortable. Also, toys with a tapered tip can help a lot with insertion. You may also try to use a thinner urethral stretcher but make sure any toy you insert is not way too thin to become dangerous.
  • Don’t overwork yourself. This is a common problem but it can set your progress back. Instead of keeping the toys inside for long periods of time try giving your penis some time to rest between sessions. Doing it all the time and keeping toys inside for too long might hurt your penis, making it more sensitive. This particularly goes for the meatus. You need to give it some time to rest.
  • Be patient. Urethral play requires patience. There is always a time when things don’t work. This is particularly common in the beginning when you are only trying to get used to urethral play. Just keep going and don’t overwork yourself.
  • If nothing works, try finding a kink-friendly doctor in your area. The doctor can examine you and tell you if you are anatomically able to receive urethral toys and if you can safely practice urethral play. Finding a good kink-friendly doctor is beneficial because this doctor can help you overcome the problem. Alternatively, the doctor can help you find out if your urethra is simply too narrow and if there is a way to correct this issue. Keep in mind, however, that most people don’t have this anatomical problem even if it seems impossible to insert urethral toys so chances are that you will be able to overcome this problem.
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  1. Tried to insert a 10 mm plug in my uretha.it was really hard to get in. And a little blood and is still sore at times when I use my 9mm, which goes is nicely. Been about a week now I hope it will get better so I can wear my plugs again.live them for masturbation stimulation is awesome. Please tell me it will get better. Thank you

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