Inserting Sounds too Deep: How to Prevent Toys from Being Lost?

Van Buren Urethral Dilators Sounds

Van Buren Urethral Dilators Sounds


I have 20 cm long hegar sound. During playing with it once, it slide down to my penis and disappear in it completely. I was really scared and afraid what will happen. How I will get it out of penis? Is it possible to go dipper and into the bladder so I will not be able to get it out without a medical help…? Please can you give me some information about this, since after that time I am so scared that I don’t dare to play with sound anymore.

Urethral play and sounding are very exciting and rewarding. However, it is important to be very careful when handling your urethral toys. If you go too fast or too deep you are risking injuries and other problems. Keep in mind that urethral stimulation is an activity that carries a certain risk, so you need to do everything you can to keep yourself safe and to prevent injuries.

Some people particularly like to experiment with deep urethral stimulation. It includes inserting sounds too deep into the urethra, typically past the base of the penis. This is ideal for prostate or even bladder stimulation, but you need to have appropriate toys. Van Buren sounds are ideal for this, because they have a curve that fits the natural curves of your body perfectly. These sounds are also long enough for deep urethral stimulation. Hegar sounds, on the other hand, are not ideal tools for deep urethral stimulation.

Inserting Sounds Too Deep

One of the issues men face when practicing deep urethral stimulation is that they will not be able to get their sound out. First of all, it is important to remember that these things are not easy to happen – even if the sound disappears, chances are that you will be able to retrieve it. However, if you are still unable to get the sound out despite your best efforts, it is vital to seek medical help immediately. No sound or other urethral toy should be left inside without control, so it is important to get it out. Call your doctor immediately to get it out – this is the only way to stay safe and to prevent further problems.

It is unclear from your question if you managed to get the sound out or not. By the sound of the letter, it seems like it did end well and the toy is out, which is good. It is possible to retrieve a toy that got too deep, and in many cases nothing bad happens, except for some soreness. However, it is important to maintain a firm grip onto your toy for the whole time – this is the only way to prevent accidents.

To answer your other question: is it possible for a sound or another toy to get lost inside the urethra? Not really – the toy is inside the urethra and it is not easy for it to go all the way to the bladder, unless it was there in the first place (for example, those who insert their toys into the prostate and urethra on purpose). If you lose the grip then, the toy may stay inside the prostate and bladder. However, if it wasn’t that deep, it is not easy to get it inside the prostate and bladder – getting your toys there requires some sill and effort.

That being said, it is not unheard of. There are, indeed, cases in which urethral toys got lost inside so your fear is not unfounded. This is why it is important to always use adequate urethral toys that are made for deep urethral stimulation.

It is not a rare thing that a man loses grip of the toy and it simply slips down the urethra. Most of the time, this is not a problem, since you can retrieve it relatively easily. If the toy disappears inside your penis, you should still be able to feel it by grabbing your penis. Make sure to touch the whole shaft, especially the base of the penis. You should be able to feel the toy there. After this, start slowly pushing the toy out, all while maintaining the grip on your penis. You should be able to take the toy out with a bit of a practice.

However, if the toy is inside the prostate or bladder, this may be more difficult. Some men are able to take their toys out using the method described above, but it is not always easy. This is why it’s important to prevent toys from being lost inside your penis and if it happens, seek medical help immediately.

How to Prevent Toys from Being Lost?

Now that you know all the warning measures, let’s talk about your future urethral play. While it’s understandable that a toy being lost was a traumatic experience, it doesn’t mean you should give up on urethral play if this is something your enjoy. All you need to do is be more careful and to go slowly.

The number one tip for preventing accidents with your urethral toys is to always use the appropriate toys. In the case of deep urethral sounding, you need to use extra long sounds that are made for this type of stimulation. As mentioned above, Hegar sounds are not the best for the purpose. Try Van Buren sounds instead. If you prefer straight  and slightly curved sounds, there are some good extra-long models you can use, such as Extra Long Male Urethral Vibrator / Vibrating Sound, X1 Prince’s Wand Sound, X2 Prince’s Wand Sound, The Diamondback Snake, Coral Snake, The Burmese Python and Western Diamondback Rattle Snake.

Good luck and have fun with your future sounding adventures!

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  1. This is precisely the advantage that one can masturbate without erection sufficient. I am very happy because with 70 years one has their problems sex would be impossible without adequate erection. But I may be sufficiently satisfied. This is very important for me as a habitual masturbator. Occasionally I masturbate only after sounding session. I now get a 11,5-mm Hegar dilator with 19cm length of my prostate over. It is very pleasant when the sound passes through the prostate. A 17mm Hegar dilator I get in my meatus externa. A 17mm Penisplug I always inserted, with which I can also masturbate. The plug I meme out only for sounden.

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