How to Insert Toys Deep into Urethra

Guyon Urethral Sound KitIf you wish to engage in deep urethral stimulation you need to adopt a specific technique. All urethral play requires some technique and skills, so this is why it is important to practice a lot. It is also why this form of sexual play requires some time to master.

It is also important to know which toys to use and how to use them. Not to mention that is vital to be aware of all the safety guidelines in order to make your urethral play a safe and problem-free experience.

All of this applies even more when it comes to deep urethral stimulation. As a more advanced technique, deep urethral sounding also requires more skills and experience. It also brings more risks. In short, everything is “more” with deep urethral play: more skills, more experience and more risks. For these reasons, you need to be very careful if you wish to engage in this sort of an activity.

One of the most important skills you need to adapt if you wish to engage in deep urethral stimulation is the technique itself, that is, how to insert your sound or another urethral toy deep enough, and also how to use it while it’s inside to achieve the best satisfaction and the most enjoyable experience.

First things first: before you even want to start experimenting with deep urethral stimulation you will need to acquire some initial skills and some experience with regular urethral stimulation. Keep in mind that deep sounding is an advanced technique that is not recommended for beginner users or those who are not skilled enough. So, it is important to prepare yourself for deep urethral stimulation and this preparation is a process that takes time. You need to be aware of this if you wish to engage in deep sounding and advanced forms of urethral play.

Preparing for Deep Urethral Stimulation

There is a special technique you need to master in order to practice deep urethral stimulation. While each person will need to find their own technique and movements that work best for them, it is important to highlight some general guidelines and to emphasize the importance of experience. Keep in mind that deep urethral stimulation is an advanced technique you should not attempt unless you are already familiar with regular (non-deep) urethral play. This is not an activity for beginner users so it is vital to practice urethral stimulation beforehand and be familiar with this type of sexual activity, toys and safety measures.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to train your urethra properly before you attempt deep urethral stimulation. This is an absolute must. Urethral toys made for deep sounding are long and typically curved, so your urethra needs to be properly stretched in order to accommodate them. This is the number one safety guideline you need to follow before engaging in deep urethral stimulation. In other words, take your time to stretch your urethra and to train your body for urethral toys. You should start experimenting with deep urethral sounding only when you are properly prepared and familiar with regular urethral play.

Once you are more experienced with regular urethral stimulation you can start going deeper. It is vital that you are slow and gentle. Use plenty of lube and remember that this is a skill that takes time. Never rush out this process or else you are risking injuries and other problems. Also, even if it all goes well and injury-free chances are that you will not like the experience much if you don’t prepare yourself properly.

This is why it is important to think well in advance and carefully organize your urethral play so it can be a positive learning experience. When in doubt, go through the safety guidelines and proceed with caution. Always be careful and gentle with your body, especially until you built your own technique for deep urethral stimulation.

Now that you know all the steps you need to take to ensure your safety during deep urethral stimulation, it is important to learn a few practical steps. How to go deeper, exactly? How do you go from regular urethral play to the one that goes truly deep? As you will see, a lot of it is individual, but there are also some common steps you need to follow.

How to Insert Toys Deep into Urethra: Techniques

Plugs and SoundsAs noted above, there are many different techniques you can use to insert your urethral toy deeper into the body. In many ways, developing this technique is what makes deep urethral sounding a complex activity. Each person has their own way to insert a sound and also a favorite way to practice deep urethral stimulation. Also, keep in mind that this is not something you can learn just by reading articles about it. It requires a lot of practice and time. For these reasons, it is important to use the following words as informational only. These tips are just a basic advice on how to proceed if you wish to engage in deep urethral stimulation.

Warning: Deep sounding is an advanced activity and brings more risks than regular urethral stimulation. For this reason, it is absolutely important to proceed with care. If, at any point, you experience sharp pain, strong burning, major discomfort, blood or any other problem, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. This is a serious matter and you need medical help straight away in the case something goes wrong. To keep your safety and to learn more about safe urethral play, it is always best to consult a kink-friendly doctor before you even attempt to engage in deep urethral stimulation or any other form of urethral play.

So, how do you approach deep urethral sounding? How do you insert your toy deeper than the base of the penis?

If you are experienced with regular urethral stimulation (as you should be, if you want to try deep sounding) you will know how to insert your toy all the way down to the base of the penis. This time, choose a longer toy that can go even deeper. There are specialized urethral toys made for deep urethral stimulation. These are very long urethral toys so you should use them if you wish to attempt this technique. These toys come in a few common designs and shapes (straight and curved) so they may require different techniques to insert them. For now, what you need to know is to start with a toy that can reach deeper than the base of the penis if you wish to try deep urethral stimulation.

As you probably know, inserting a toy to the base of the penis requires about the same technique as inserting the toy only a few inches inside. Of course, you need to be properly stretched to insert to the base of the penis versus inserting a shorter toy, but the principle is the same. All you need is to gently push the toy deeper.

The same principle, however, does not work if you want to push a toy deeper than the base of the penis. You still need to apply a gentle yet firm pressure and to go slowly, but the angle of the insertion will change. This is when you start inserting the toy into the inside of your body and not just the penis. That’s why deep urethral stimulation is more complex than the regular urethral play.

When you start experimenting with deep urethral stimulation your first trouble will probably be how to find the right angle to insert the toy deeper into the body. Sometimes, it may feel like the toy goes to the base of the penis and then stops. It may feel like it is impossible to insert the toy any further.

This happens because you will need to direct the toy at a different angle so it can go further down the urethra and inside your body. Some people find that the easiest way to slide the toy further is to lower the penis down to your testicles and slowly raise it as you slide the toy inside. This is a particularly useful technique if you want to use urethral toys with a curve. Many people also find that they will need to rotate the toy slightly in order to find the right angle to continue deeper.

As noted above, this is the trickiest part to master. You will need some practice and a lot of patience. It is highly advisable to use plenty of lube and to go slowly. Try different angles of both the toy and the penis to see what works the best.

Additional Tips

  • Never try to force the sound down your urethra or inside the body! This is a recipe for a disaster. You may cause injuries, false passages and other problems. Never go with a force – if it feels like it’s impossible to go further, remove the sound and try again later once your body is rested. Also, try using more lube than the first time.
  • When you start experimenting with this form of urethral play, keep in mind to go step by step. The first step is to manage to insert a sound deeper than the base of the penis. You don’t need to go further. Once you are more comfortable with this technique and when you know how to insert a toy deep into the body without a problem is when you can try to push it even further, to the prostate. Do not try to do all of it in one go.
  • Your prostate entry and bladder entry will show more resistance than other parts of urethra. This is normal and expected. For this reason, these are people who don’t even want to insert urethral toys further than the prostate. The deepest they go is to the prostate. For them, prostate massage consists of gently poking the prostate with the tip of the toy but without inserting a sound into the prostate itself. Other people, however, do want to go deeper and insert the toy inside the prostate. This can be a very intense, arousing experience but it may also be uncomfortable when you do it a first few times. Finally, there are people who go truly deep, all the way to the bladder or even inside the bladder. This is an extreme form of deep urethral stimulation and it is also known to be more uncomfortable. Think about it when you decide to experiment with deep urethral stimulation.
  • Also, keep in mind that going deeper into the body will cause some discomfort. You will probably experience some burning stronger than that of regular urethral stimulation. This is normal, but should be monitored. The burning should not cause pain or prolonged discomfort. Also, it should become less intense with time: once you stretch the deep parts of urethra it should become more comfortable.
  • Recommended toys for deep urethral stimulation: Van Buren sounds and Pratt sounds. There are also the extreme Guyon sounds, but these are reserved only for the most experienced users who crave intensity. These are not recommended for those who are only starting out to experiment with deep urethral stimulation.
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