Infographic: Ear Piercing Types

Ear piercings are very varied and popular. Ear may be small but there are so many different piercing types you can choose. Of course, the most popular ear piercing is the earlobe piercing. It is so popular that many people don’t even consider it to be a “real” body piercing. Despite of this, lobe piercings are true piercings but there are also many other ear piercings you can choose. In fact, there are several different earlobe piercing types to choose from! Another popular type of ear piercing is the cartilage piercing. This is not one piercing but many different ear piercing types you can choose.

Since there are so many different ear piercings you can get, it is useful to have a handy infographic displaying the most popular ear piercing types:

Ear Piercing Types Infographic

Ear Piercing Types

The Most Popular Ear Piercing Types


 Different Ear Piercings and Jewelry Choices

Since there are so many different ear piercing types there are also many different ear jewelry styles. Depending on the piercing, ear piercing jewelry includes rings, straight barbells, curved barbells, circular barbells, labret studs and other jewelry options.

Stretched earlobe piercings use special large gauge pieces such as ear plugs, flesh tunnels, earlets, crescents, spirals, headhunters, and more. It is very important with earlobe stretching to go slowly and only stretch only when your earlobe is recovered from the previous stretching. Also, make sure to stretch only one size at a time to prevent injuries and other problems.

It is important to always wear ear jewelry of the appropriate gauge; it has to be the same as the size of your piercing hole. This is why it’s important to always know the gauge of your piercing so you can choose the best ear jewelry.

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