What is Ideal Placement for Anal Piercing?

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I am a gay male bottom and would love to have an anal piercing. Something that looks sensual and also provides some titillation when pulled or played with. What device and placement do you suggest?

Anal piercings can be very erotic and arousing. However, it is important to understand what kind of a piercing this is. It is also important to find ideal placement for anal piercing so it provides pleasure without getting in the way.

Understanding Anal Piercings

Ideal Placement for Anal PiercingAnal piercings sound like something that is very popular but this isn’t exactly true. While piercings near the anal opening are somewhat common, true anal piercings are not. It is therefore important to know whether you really want to get an anal piercing or something close to it.

The more popular option than a true anal piercing is a Guiche. This is a piercing done on the perineum, between the balls and the anus. Depending on the person, it can be anywhere on the perineum. Some men request this piercing very close to the anus. When positioned there, a Guiche piercing can provide very sensual feelings and arousing effects.

However, if you really want to get a true anal piercing, please understand that this is possible but a rare option. This is a piercing that goes at least partially through the anal sphincter. This is not a common genital piercing but it is possible to have it if your anatomy is suitable.

Since this is a rare piercing it is absolutely crucial to find a good piercer with plenty of experience doing these piercings. It is not enough to have a piercer who knows how to perform general piercings, or even male genital piercings. You need an expert in anal piercings. These people are not so common but you will be able to find one if you do proper research. Never agree to be pierced just by anyone: anal piercing, just like other rare piercings, requires and absolute expert to get it right. 

Ideal Placement for Anal Piercing Explained

What is ideal placement for anal piercing? This will depend on your anatomy and your preferences. It is important that an anal piercing is deep enough so it goes through the anal sphincter or else you are risking migration, rejection and other problems. On the other hand, anal piercing should not go too deep to take a lot of the anal sphincter or to become dangerous.

The exact placement is not universal because it depends on many factors, including your preferences and pleasurable spots. There are no two identical people so what might work for one person might not be good for another.

This is why it is important to know your body and what feels pleasurable for you. Also, it is important to consult a piercer with plenty of experience. This person can examine you and determine an ideal placement for anal piercing – the one that will suit you the best. This is why it is so important to locate a piercer who is an expert in doing anal piercings.

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  1. I was able to insert an 8 mm diameter straight vibrating sound about 20 cm. I could easily feel it in the perineum from the outside.

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