Shining Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong Top

At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store, we have the largest catalog of 100% satisfaction guaranteed body piercing jewelry available. All our body jewelry pieces are made to achieve our high quality of standard while still being very affordable.

Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong TopNow presenting to you a stunning range of “Hybrid Curved Barbells” exclusively crafted for you. Browse the latest product from this range – “Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong Top”.

The Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell is 6mm and comes with a 14K gold setting permanently attached to a implant grade 316LVM surgical steel curved barbell. The top gem is a 3mm round gem and the setting is made out of 14k gold. The metals fuse together to make the piece more rigid and durable to wear. Besides, the curved barbells used in the piece are internally threaded for your comfort. The piece can be made in either 14K white or yellow gold as per your liking.

Our prices are among the best in the industry and our quality is next to none. The featured body jewelry piece comes to you at a special price of $76.99. We encourage you to visit our online shopping catalog, have a look around, learn more about body jewelry and shop for the best ever body jewelry products in the world. To view this product you can directly jump to the product page located at “Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong Top” under our “Hybrid Curved Barbells” section.

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