How to Use Penis Plug with Hose?

Penis Plug with HoseThere are many different types of penis plugs out there. In fact, penis plugs are among the most diverse sex toys for men. The only sex toy category targeted at men that offers more diversity are anal toys. In this sense, penis plugs fulfill many different roles and many different fantasies.

You can find many different types of penis plugs to satisfy you. Some are short and smooth, ideal for beginners who wish to try urethral play for the first time. Others are longer and ribbed so they provide more intense sensations. There are also many special penis plugs that will hit just the right spots and provide very specific sensations. One of those are the so called plugs with hoses.

What is a Penis Plug with Hose?

A penis plug with hose is self-explanatory. It is just what you may imagine based on this name. A penis plug with a hose is a special urethral toy that can fulfill very specific fantasies and provide specific sensations.

Such a toy consists of a regular penis plug and a hose attached to it. The penis plug typically has a classic design. It is usually smooth, relatively short and has a nice tapered design to make insertion extra comfortable. The best penis plugs are made of metal so while other materials can be used, penis plugs with hoses are often metal ones.

The hose, on the other hand, is flexible. Made of rubber, silicone or another soft material, the hose can be moved and adjusted in many different ways. This allows for the most comfortable experience and ease of use.

The penis plug is hollow inside, which means that all the fluids can flow freely. This is a so-called penis plug with a cum through hole. The hole allows you to freely pass urine and semen without taking the plug out.

How to Use the Hose

What is the role of a hose? It is there to direct your flow so you can spill your load wherever you want. This is ideal for those who like to engage in fetish play. As a good BDSM toy, penis plugs with hose can help you fulfill many kink scenarios.

The hose will direct your flow in any direction imaginable. Maybe you want to burst your load on your partner or a specific body part. Or perhaps you wish to spill it all on your face or in your mouth. The choice is yours and the hose will make sure that all of the load gets exactly where you want it to be.

Of course, you don’t have to use the hose just for ejaculation. Those who like to engage in different kink games will love to use a penis plug with a hose to piss wherever they want. Similarly to semen, you can direct the urine exactly where you want it, on your partner or directly into your mouth. Whatever fantasy you may have, this type of a penis plug will allow you to experience it to the fullest.

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  1. That penis plug with tub would be ideal for me as I have a micro penis and have trouble pointing it in to toilet bowl as it drips all over the floor Dose it come with a little tape on it ?

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