How to Use Electro Van Buren Sound?

Van Buren sounds are excellent urethral toys for those who want to try deep urethral play and prostate massage. They have a specific curve on one end that fits nicely with the natural curves of the urethra. There are many different types of Van Buren sounds you can use. Those who are into e-stim may want to seek an opportunity to use electro Van Buren sound.

What is an Electro Van Buren Sound?

An electro Van Buren sound is a urethral toy that is specially made of electro stimulation (e-stim). These toys are used with special electro sex boxes, so they provide more intensity and specific sensations to the user. Namely, an electro Van Buren sound is a Van Buren sound that you can attach to your favorite electro sex box for added intensity.

It is important to only use proper electro Van Buren sounds, or regular sounds that are safe to use with electro sex boxes. Remember, e-stim toys are specific toys that are made to be used with electro boxes. Simply attaching a random toy may not result in a desired effect, or it may become dangerous.

To avoid this problem, make sure to get a proper electro Van Buren sound that is made to be used for electro stimulation. If this is not possible, make sure to use a regular Van Buren sound that can accept electrodes without causing trouble. Keep in mind that some toy materials are not good for electro stimulation, so you need to be careful. Metal toys can typically be used for e-stimulation but not all of them. This is why it is important to be careful and to choose your toys and your electro boxes carefully. Never use a random electrical box: in order to stay safe, it is crucial to use a proper e-stim box!

Use Electro Van Buren Sound: How To

Start by attaching your Van Buren sound to the e-stim box. There are special cables, clamps and conductors you can use for this purpose. You can get them either with the e-stim power box, or as part of electro sex accessories. Again, it is crucial to use only power boxes made for sex and nothing else! Similarly, it is important to use clamps and any other accessories only if they are made for e-stimulation. Remember: electricity can be very dangerous, so you need to use only proper devices made for the purpose of sexual stimulation.

Electro Van Buren sound will typically have an addition to the bottom where you can attach the cables and electrodes. Make sure to know how to attach your urethral sound properly to your power box.

The next step is to apply a special e-stim gel (electroconductive gel). This will help spreading erotic electric pulsations more easily. It will also make the experience smoother and more comfortable.

After this, you may proceed to insert your electro Van Buren sound just like a regular sound. Once it is in place, start playing with settings on your power box. Start small and build your way up from here!

Remember, this is an activity only for users with plenty of experience. You need to know a lot about urethral sounding and Van Buren sounds. You also need to know a lot about e-stim. Only when you have plenty of experience with both electro sex and individual Van Buren sounds is that it’s safe for you to try electro Van Buren sounds. Keep this in mind and be careful. This is the only way to ensure your safety and a positive effect.

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