How to Use a Penis Plug with a Glans Ring?

There are many different types of penis plugs you can use for pleasure. Some of the most exciting ones are penis plugs that come with a glans ring attached. Such a glans ring can provide additional stimulation during use, so there are many people who like the combination. How do you use a penis plug with a glans ring?

Use a Penis Plug with a Glans Ring

You will use a penis plug with a glans ring very much the same as a regular penis plus. A glans ring is there just for the added benefit. Before you start, it would be useful to have some experience with both penis plugs and glans rings. It will make this whole process easier. Also, make sure to have plenty of sterile lube ready, to make the experience more comfortable.

Start by inserting your penis ring into the penis. Make sure that it is positioned comfortably inside of your urethra. After this, slip the glans ring over the head of the penis. To be properly positioned, a glans ring should sit under the edge of corona, which means that it’s under the penis head. This way, it will make your penis head harder and bigger, and also more sensitive.

A glans ring improves the functionality of a penis plug in two ways. First, it provides added stimulation for the penis head, which makes the whole experience more pleasurable. The other use of the glans ring is that it keeps your penis plug securely in place. There is less risk of a penis plug slipping out if it is attached to a glans ring. This way, you can enjoy your penis plus without the fear of it ever slipping out of your penis.

Separate Penis Plugs and Glans Rings

How do you use a penis plug with a glans ring, but when those are two different sex toys? In case you want a regular penis plug that doesn’t have a glans ring, you can do it, and you can use your own glans ring with it.

To do it, simply insert your penis plug into the piercing hole. Once it is in place, slip your glans ring over the head of your penis and secure it under the edge of your corona. This way, you can get both benefits of the glans rings and penis plugs, but without having to buy one composite toy.

Another way to go is to put on your glans ring first and then insert a penis plug. While some people prefer to do it this way, keep in mind that a glans ring will probably enlarge your penis head. Depending on your anatomy, this can make it easier or more difficult to insert the penis plug later. Try both ways to see which one works best for you.

It is important to remember that you can use penis plugs and glans rings together, but as separate sex toys. The benefits you get are similar to those you will have with a penis plug that comes with a glans ring attached.

However, keep in mind that using two separate sex toys will not help you keep your penis plug in place. With a glans ring attached, it becomes easier, but this benefit doesn’t exist if you use a separate penis plug and a glans ring. Think about this before you decide on the sex toys you wish to use.

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