How to Tell if a Ball Stretcher is Too Tight

An ideal ball stretcher should be the one that provides a firm grip without ever becoming too tight. How to tall is a ball stretcher is too tight? This is an important thing to know because stretchers that are too small can cause numerous problems.

How to Tell if a Ball Stretcher is Too Tight: Overview

How to Tell if a Ball Stretcher is Too TightHow to tell is a ball stretcher is too tight? The first thing you need to know is that ball stretchers need to provide a tight grip. A stretcher that feels loose is not a good one. Such a stretcher can easily slip off and it won’t provide enough pressure to your scrotum.

You need a tight stretcher in order to achieve good stretching goals. The only way to have those low hanging balls and a more permanent stretching results is to use appropriate ball weight. These stretching devices need to be tight.

However, there is also such a thing as “too tight”. A ball stretcher that is too tight will dig into the skin and cause pinching. This is the main way to recognize a stretcher that is too tight: it will be uncomfortable. Of course, not all uncomfortable stretchers are tight but there are some warning signs to look for:

  • A stretcher that digs into the skin
  • Permanent feeling of pinching and pressure
  • Skin that is red and swollen after you take the stretcher off
  • Constant pain and discomfort

These are just some of the warning signs of tight ball stretchers. Keep in mind that a tight ball stretcher is dangerous: it can cause damage to the tissue because it blocks the blood flow. This is something you need to avoid at all costs.

If you experience problems described above make sure to remove the stretcher immediately. It is also advisable to seek medical help. You should never cut the blood flow to your scrotum since it can cause serious consequences.

The goal is to find a ball stretcher that is tight but not uncomfortable. Such a stretcher stays up around your scrotum but it doesn’t provide too much pressure, pinching or discomfort. This is why it’s so important to find a perfect fit for yourself before you start stretching your balls.

Find a Good Fit

In order to avoid stretchers that are too tight it is important to find a good fit. Your all stretcher has to be such that it’s not too tight nor too loose. This is individual so what suits you might be completely wrong for another person.

Also, keep in mind that your own size will change during stretching: the longer the scrotum gets, the thinner it becomes. In this situation, don’t be surprised to find that your old stretchers suddenly feel too loose.

The only way to get the perfect fit for a ball stretcher is to measure yourself. You should do this whenever you wish to order a new ball weight, unless you’ve ordered the previous one recently. The reason for repeated measuring is that the diameter of your scrotum changes as you stretch so it is always important to know your exact size. This is the only way to know which ball stretcher suits you perfectly.

Here are some good instructions on how to measure for a ball stretcher and how to get a perfect fit for your stretcher:

Measuring for Ball Stretcher

How to Measure for a Ball Stretcher

Use these tips to measure yourself and find the best ball weight for your needs.

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  1. Could we see some photos in the other section……that show how balls look AFTER they’ve been stretched? For example, there’s guys who are wearing multiple 20mm stretchers on their scrotum, as shown in their photos. How about showing photos to reveal what their balls look like when NOT wearing a stretcher ? You getting a good stretch, so they hang low ….naturally…?

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