How to Speed Up Ball Stretching Process?

ball stretching fastMany new ball stretching enthusiasts wonder how long the actual stretching process takes. In other words, when can you expect to have your balls stretched? How long does it take? How to speed up ball stretching process? This is one of the most popular questions men ask in relation to ball stretching.

How Long Does it Take?

Short answer: it depends. This is the only correct answer to this question, because there are many different factors to take into account. In other words, there is no one, universal answer or one specific time to give when it comes to ball stretching.

A bit of a longer answer: ball stretching will take as much time as needed to achieve desired results. If you wish to merely experience the feeling of stretching without any effective or permanent results, ball stretching will not take much time. If, on other hand, you wish to achieve those impressive low hangers, you will need to be patient and take much more time.

In other words, it is all individual and depends on your desired results and goals. The main factors determining the time needed to stretch your balls are:

  • Desired results. It takes shorter time to stretch a little. More stretching requires more work and more time.
  • Devices you use. Some types of ball stretchers and ball weights provide more effective results, which also means they speed up the stretching process.
  • Your anatomy. Stretching results will also depend on the size and shape of your testicles. Some men have a bit of a stretch naturally so it usually means it’s easier to achieve low hangers (though it’s not a rule!) Other men will have to take more time, but they can achieve very impressive results even if they don’t have much of hanging at the beginning.
  • Stretching frequency. How often do you wear ball weights and for how long? This will influence the speed of stretching and the time needed to achieve good results. That being said, stretching often and wearing weights for a long period of time is not always the best way to speed up the process, so be careful.
  • Stretching exercises. There are certain exercises you can use to speed up the stretching process.
  • Additional factors. Some other factors should also be taken into account, such as the type of lube you use, your clothing choices, injuries, and some other factors.

Speed Up Ball Stretching Process?

If you take a look at these factors, it’s clear you need to take them into account in order to speed up your stretching process. While you cannot influence some of these factors (for example, your anatomy), you have a great deal control over the others. So, in order to speed up the stretching process, it is important to make a good stretching strategy that will maximize your efforts.

The best way to go is to choose your stretchers wisely and to know how often to use them. Usually, this is all you need to do in order to speed up the stretching process. However, there is a catch: bigger is not always better.

What does it mean? It means that you must resist the urge to take the biggest, heaviest metal ball stretchers in hopes of achieving low hangers quickly. This is dangerous and it is not how safe ball stretching should be performed.

One possible way is to start with softer, leather ball stretchers. They will not help you stretch your balls overnight, but they will make your body get used to the feeling and will perform the initial stretching. Once you are used with these ball stretchers you can move to bigger and harder metal ball weights. However, it is still recommended to do it slowly. When moving to metal ball stretchers, make sure to start with the smallest one and build our way from there. Once you are a veteran in stretching you can use heavy ball weights or even special parachute ball stretchers you can use to hang additional weights to speed up the process and achieve even more impressive results.

However, it is vital that you go slowly. Hanging heavy weights or wearing stretchers for long periods of time can be counter-productive and dangerous. Instead of stretching your balls quickly, it can lead to injuries and other problems that will only prevent you from stretching for a while. This is why it’s highly recommended to go slowly and stretch in smaller bits. Never leave your ball stretchers on for too long. As soon as you feel pain and discomfort, remove the ball stretcher and try again once your body is healed and fully rested.

This is the only proper way to speed up the stretching process: it may sound counter-productive but going slowly is the way to go! Be careful and introduce new weights gradually and you will see great results over time. Try to go quickly and you will only injure yourself.

Keep in mind that ball stretching is not something you can achieve quickly. Even small hanging takes time, so be patient. The only way to achieve those low hangers and get impressive results is to listen to your body, be patient and give ball stretching the time it requires. The good news is that ball stretching as a process is often pleasurable and highly erotic, so you will enjoy that time.

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