How to Sanitize Sounds Quickly?

I love BIG rods down my penis…currently do 16MM almost daily and enjoy the hell out of this…my question is, what is the best way to sanitize sounds to avoid UTI’s? Don’t want to buy an autoclave…don’t want to take the time to boil my rods as when I am in the mood, I need to stuff my cock NOW…suggestions? 

~ Lonnie

Sanitize SoundsSex toy sanitization is an important step to ensure safety and satisfaction. This becomes even more important in the case of urethral toys. These toys go deep inside of the urethra so it is vital to keep them as clean and sanitary as possible. Not doing this properly can lead to urinary tract infections and numerous other problems. On the other hand, many people want to just grab their toy when they are in the mood so it is important to know how to sanitize sounds quickly.

Is it Possible to Sanitize Sounds Quickly?

It is important to understand that sanitizing your urethral toys is not the same as simply cleaning them. It takes much more than simply wiping your toy with alcohol to be sterile. This method may work for some other sex toys but not for urethral sounds: these need to be sterile.

Unfortunately, proper sterilization takes time and often requires special equipment. Autoclave is sure a good thing to use but most people do not have an autoclave in their home. Investing in an autoclave is just not an option for most people.

This is why most people go with boiling their toys in water. This is by no means a perfect way to sterilize your toys but it can be “good enough” for what you need. Unfortunately, this approach requires some time and you might not want to waste that time when you are in the mood. So, what to do? 

Sanitize Beforehand

If it is absolutely crucial for you to have your urethral toys ready and sterile whenever you need them, the best way to go is to sanitize them beforehand. Since no quick wiping can do the trick, you should invest your time to properly sanitize your sounds when you are not using them. This way, they will be safe and ready for you when you are in the mood.

The main problem here, of course, is how to keep your sounds sterile between sanitization and use. This is where you can invest in a sterile pouches and medical sterile bags used for storing instruments. Once you boil your sounds, let them cool and store them in a sterile pouch. This should keep them safe and ready for you.

When doing this, keep in mind not to touch your toys with hands – in order to keep everything safe, it is best to wear surgical gloves. Also, make sure that the pouch or a sterile bag are not damaged. Store your pouches safely and make sure to discard a pouch once you use it! You will need to use a new pouch (or a sterile bag) each time you sterilize your sounds. Also, make sure to use proper medical, sterile bags and pouches – a random “clean” bag you can find around your house just won’t do.

This approach requires some investment and time but it will allow you to have your sounds ready and safe whenever you need them. Sure, storing your toys for some time is not as perfect as using them right after sterilization, but if this is not possible, sterile pouches can be a decent alternative.

Happy sounding!

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Craig Rutledge is a staff writer for TheChainGang. His main interests include sex toys for men, particularly urethral sounds and ball stretchers. He is also a proud owner of numerous body piercings. He says: “I am happy to contribute with my experience and knowledge about various penis toys and stretching devices. There is still so much unknown about things like urethral sounding, ball stretching or male chastity and it needs to change. I will share my experience and advice in order to help men, young and old, to discover these toys and have the best fun”. In addition to writing, Craig also answers questions and provides handy advice for people learning more about extreme sex toys for men.

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  1. Lonnie my man. It is what it is. All sex requires protecting your future. No birth control = baby. No condom = STD. Some fatal. Let’s make it simple. Buy an automatic electric pressure cooker. About 185 USD. Mine is Farberware. It’s safe, easy to use, and automatic, Not only will it make a bum cook fantastic food but it dose the same thing as an autoclave. A pressure cooker makes the water temperature higher than boiling. Boiling water is 212 degrees fahrenheit. At 15 psi the temperature changes to 250 fahrenheit. Give it 10 / 15 minutes and your sounds, penis plugs, toys are hospital sterile. Then go to Sally’s beauty supply and buy the manicure sanitizer. It works with uv light. Totally sterilized sex toys are now held at a sterile environment. Anytime you’re ready baby boy. Open that drawer take out one of those sounds, plugs, toys etc. and have a good time. It is sterile. Lonnie, don’t be a bozo head. Wash everything with hot soap and water first. Also use Dawn dishwashing liquid. Dawn takes any oil, grease (if need be) off everything. Lee

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