How to Retrieve Sound from Penis

Urethral sounding can be extremely powerful and pleasurable. It is not unusual to get lost in the moment. Or to push your toy a bit deeper into the penis than you want. In these situations, a sound might simply slip down the pee hole and get lost inside. How to retrieve sound from penis? Is this a huge problem?

Is It Difficult to Retrieve Sound from Penis?

If your sound or another urethral toy slips down the penis, do not panic. While it may seem that a toy is lost, it really cannot go that deep. A toy cannot get lost inside of the body because urethra has a beginning and an end. The end is your pee hole, even though it is an entry when inserting sounds. The beginning is the bladder. A sound cannot go deeper than that and it cannot wander around the body.

However, in practice, even reaching bladder is not a likely scenario. If you are familiar with prostate massage, you know it requires some skill to push a urethral toy into the prostate, let alone into the bladder. In fact, going deeper than the base of the penis typically requires some skill.

If your toy slips down the pee hole, it will likely stop somewhere around the base of the penis. It is actually not difficult to retrieve sound from penis when this happens. However, in some small cases your sound may go deeper, or it may get stuck. If you notice significant discomfort, pain, bleeding or another warning sign, make sure to seek medical help immediately.

Most of the times, this will not happen. If a toy slips down the pee hole, it will stop around the base of the penis. It is relatively easy to retrieve it from here. However, if you have issues to retrieve sound from penis, even if it’s not too deep, make sure to consult your doctor. This is not something you want to play with. It will only cause further problems down the line.

Tips to Retrieve Sound from Penis

Here are some quick tips for those who want to retrieve sound from penis:

  1. Feel your penis. It is important to feel where the toy is. Chances are that you will be able to feel it easily along the shaft or base of the penis. Even if it’s not sticking out of the pee hole, it should not be so deep.
  • Grab the base of your penis. This should prevent the toy from going even deeper. If you feel that part of the toy has gone deeper than that, do try to feel how deep it is. However, grabbing the base of the penis is typically the first step you need to do.
  • Guide a toy up along the penis. Once you grab your base and feel the toy, move your hand up the shaft. This should make the toy move upwards, to the exit. You might need to manipulate your penis a little or turn it at an angle. Some people also lean in, making gravity work for them. It is best to try to push the toy out slowly, by moving your hands up the shaft. This should typically move a sound to the exit.
  • Think about lube. In some cases, squeezing a bit of a lube can help, but it is not always the best choice. Remember, lube can also make the toy slip even further down. However, if you feel that a toy is stuck, try with a bit of a lube. Make sure to always grab the penis and the toy inside of it so it cannot go any deeper.

Remember: your body wants to push the toy out. Urethra is made for pushing things (semen, urine) out of the body. This is why it’s an effort to insert toys into the penis. Your body wants to push the toy out. Only if it’s stuck you will encounter problems. But other than that, retrieving a urethral toy from the penis should not be difficult.

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