How to Remove Ball Stretching Discomfort?

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I have stainless steal round donut weights. It weighs about 9 ounces. Its causing me to have cord discomfort after wearing it for about 10 hrs. (The cord I am referring to provides the blood supply to the Testis.) What is your suggestion to get past this discomfort I am speaking of. I am very open so be open with me on ideas.

2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

Ball stretching is a great experience and it can lead to amazing results. In order to be satisfied with your ball stretching and to stay safe you need to monitor your body for any potential warning sign. Your message proves that you are doing that, so it’s great.

Keep in mind that discomfort during ball stretching is not a rare thing. It may be annoying to some degree but it’s also something that happens when one practices ball stretching. On the other hand, discomfort is also a warning sign that your body sends to tell you that it’s not okay with what’s happening. In order to help your body and continue with ball stretching you need to find the cause of discomfort and do your best to remove it.

Warning: Ball stretching is an activity that brings certain risks. This is not a medical advice and should not be taken as such. In order to get a proper medical advice related to your case, make sure to visit your doctor. Only your doctor can tell you if there is any problem with your spermatic cords and scrotum and how to remedy this issue. The advice given here is just a general advice related to common problems during ball stretching. We cannot guarantee that it applies to your case.

Common Causes of Discomfort during Ball Stretching

Generally speaking, discomfort felt during ball stretching can be attributed to two things: pressure applied and improper handling of the ball stretching device. There are some other things that can contribute to this problem, but these are the most common ones.

One of the main problems is the pressure applied to your scrotum. This goes for both the skin and the inner structured such as spermatic cords. Remember that it is possible to stretch your spermatic cords and scrotal skin – this is how people get low hangers. However, the only way to do that safely is to make it into a gradual stretch. Going too fast or applying too much pressure on your scrotum is not beneficial. Discomfort can often come from the skin and spermatic cords being stretched too much or for too long periods of time.

To minimize this problem, make sure to use proper lubrication on your scrotum to make your skin elastic and less prone to irritation and other problems. Cocoa butter and shea butter are great for this purpose. Make sure to apply it on your scrotum before stretching. It is also helpful to apply this lubrication even when you are not using your ball stretcher. This will help moisturize the skin and make it more elastic, which in turn makes for less discomfort during ball stretching.

Another common cause of discomfort is an improperly positioned ball stretcher. In order to prevent discomfort during ball stretching, make sure to know how to position your ball stretcher properly. Some ball stretchers, particularly those consisting of two parts that have to be joined with a screw, tend to be tricky to position properly. These are excellent ball stretchers that can provide great results so they are good to use, but be prepared to practice a little bit to put it on and take it off. A lot of times, skin and hair can get snagged between two halves of the stretcher, causing pinching and discomfort. If this is the case, make sure to use enough lube on your scrotum and shave your scrotal area – it may help preventing the skin to get snagged between two halves of a stretcher.

Whatever you do, however, remember to allow your body some time to rest between stretching sessions. Also, make sure to monitor your body and the way it responds. Prolonged, huge discomfort, sharp pain and other issues can be a sign of a more serious problem. If these symptoms persist even after you tried all the safety measures make sure to seek medical advice. It is important to stay safe during ball stretching.

Other Possible Reasons for Discomfort

There are some other possible reasons for discomfort felt during ball stretching. Some of these reasons are serious so make sure to consult your doctor if you experience any persistent or significant problems. Also, make sure that none of these things on the list apply to you. If they do, it is important to make some changes to your ball stretching routine. Remember, it is important to follow all the safety guidelines to enjoy a safe and comfortable ball stretching experience.

Here are some other possible reasons for discomfort:

  • Improper size of a ball stretcher. This is one of the most common problems with ball stretching. A ball weight may seem like it fits but it’s actually not of the appropriate size for your anatomy. There are tips for measuring you can do by yourself to determine which size of a stretcher to use. Remember, if a stretcher is too tight it can cause discomfort and hurt your spermatic cords.
  • Wearing ball stretchers for too long. Some men choose to wear their ball stretchers for long periods of time in order to achieve best results. While it is important to have a good ball stretching routine and while you should wear your stretchers regularly, keep in mind that there is such a thing as “too long”. At one point, the beneficial effect will be lost, especially if your body starts hurting. It will mean that prolonged wear of ball stretchers will also mean longer time needed for your body to recover, and you need to give your body time to recover. If you suspect you might be wearing your stretcher for periods of time that are way too long, consider wearing them for shorter periods of time to see if your condition improves. Also, make sure to give your body enough time to recover. Recovery time need to be at least several hours or more. Pacing things out will help preventing discomfort.
  • Using stretchers that are too heavy. Sometimes, people are so eager to get noticeable results with ball stretching so they use devices that are too heavy for their anatomy or experience level. Keep in mind that ball stretching may take months before you see any results so trying to speed things up significantly can be very counter-productive. You may end up using way too much weight on your scrotum. This may lead to discomfort, injuries and other problems. Your ski and spermatic cords can get damaged when too much weight is applied, which can lead to numerous problems. If you think you may be using stretchers that are too heavy it is important to downgrade to lighter ones. That being said, 9 ounces is not considered heavy so this is probably not an issue.
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