How to Prevent Contraction with Ball Stretchers?

~ Jack Williams

My challenge is that my scrotum wants to contract when I am outside. This causes a site pinch at times. Any suggestions on this? Otherwise I love it and love the way the weights feel swing when I walk.

Ball Stretching Many people report slight problems with their ball weights and ball stretchers when they go outside. Most of these issues are not serious enough and do not cause further problems but they can be annoying.

One of the things you may experience if you wear your ball stretchers for prolonged periods of time is contraction. This is a minor side-effect and doesn’t cause much trouble apart from slight pinching.

However, it can be annoying so this is a problem you might want to solve.

Scrotum Contraction

You probably know that your scrotum contract when you are cold. If your testicles are exposed to coldness, they become smaller and “jump up” to meet your body. This is a preventive mechanism to protect the sperm and your testicles from cold and other harmful outside conditions.

Similarly, when you are in a hot environment, your scrotum becomes relaxed and more elongated. The testicles hang lower than in the cold environment. Every man has lower hanging balls in warm conditions than cold ones.

This is one of the reasons why it’s best to prepare your body for ball stretching with a hot shower. Your skin and tissue will get warm, which will make your testicles hang low. Even a man without stretched testicles can achieve a bit of a hang. This is important because it’s the only way to position ball stretchers correctly.

To promote this feeling even further, men are encouraged to massage their scrotum and to make it fully relaxed before they position ball stretchers. This is particularly important for beginners who wish to try ball stretching for the first time, but even seasoned users can benefit from these exercises.

The opposite is also true. When it’s cold, your testicles will “jump up”. You will not longer have a full hang, even if you have nicely stretched balls. This is not so much of a problem since you can make your balls hang low again. However, it may pose a slight annoyance if it happens while you wear your ball stretchers.

Contraction with Ball Stretchers On

Many men who wear ball stretchers experience the following situation: you put your clothes on over the ball weights, you go out and you suddenly feel pinching. This pinching sensation is usually not too painful but it can be annoying. What is going on?

The thing is, when you go out, especially in a colder environment, your testicles will try to “jump up” and your scrotum will contract. However, since you have your ball stretchers on, this will not be fully possible. The stretchers will prevent your testicles from contracting.

However, the scrotum still wants to contract, so it causes a slight shafting. The shafting can lead to pinching sensations you feel whenever your scrotum contracts. The feeling is typically strongest at the point where the ball stretcher meets the scrotum but it can happen anywhere.

Most of the time, this is not particularly problematic. It is not very painful and it can’t cause much trouble, so don’t worry about it. Some men even report that it can go on its own. However, it can be annoying so it’s not surprising that you might want to prevent this.

Tips for Preventing Pinching

Here are some things you can do to prevent your balls from contracting too much and for eliminating pinching:

  • Use a lotion on your testicles. A nice lotion will make the scrotum moist, relaxed and less likely to contract. Some people use personal lubricants but you generally need something thicker, such a body cream or body lotion. Lotions that contain cocoa butter work great for this purpose.
  • Wear comfortable underwear that makes you warm enough. Do not let the breeze get to your testicles!
  • Massage your testicles from time to time. When you are out, use a few minutes to go to the bathroom and gently massage your balls in the stretcher. Pay special attention to testicles themselves and the lower part of your scrotum. The massage can make it temporarily warm and prevent pinching for some time. Use only comfortable ball stretchers. While they need to be tight to do their work make sure they are not uncomfortable or too intense. Also, make sure to have a perfect fit for your ball stretchers. A nice ball stretcher can sometimes make the pinching less pronounced and less painful. However, keep in mind that a stretcher itself can’t fully prevent contraction so it’s likely to happen from time to time.
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