How to Piss with Apadravya?

piss with Apadravya

Apadravya is one of the most exciting male genital piercings. It goes vertically through the penis head and it can bring a lot of pleasure to the wearer and his partners during sex. It is not surprising that Apadravya is one of the most popular penis piercings. However, just like with many other male genital piercings, it may pose certain challenges during urination. How to piss with Apadravya?

Is it Difficult to Piss with Apadravya?

One of the first questions many men ask about penis piercings is whether they will be able to urinate while standing up after getting the piercing done. First of all, it is important to understand that this is not an issue of all male genital piercings, and not even all penis piercings. Only those piercings that go through urethra will cause this problem. Since urine flows through the urethra and exits the penis, it can go through all available holes.

For a man that has no penis piercings, the only hole available is the pee hole. Most men learn how to hold their penis and urinate standing up without making any slippage. However, things become complicated with a piercing that goes through the urethra. Prince Albert (PA piercing), Reverse Prince Albert (Reverse PA), Apadravya and Ampallang are just some of the most popular piercings that go through the urethra. It means that urination with these piercings may become more complicated.

In the case of Apadravya, it creates two new holes: on the top of the penis head, and on the underside of the penis head. Depending on the placement, these holes may or may not go through the urethra. If they do, to piss with Apadravya typically creates certain challenges.

Since there is more than one piercing hole, the urine tends to drip out all of them. It can make urination difficult, particularly while standing up. This is why many men with penis piercings decide to simply sit down while urinating.

However, if you like penis piercings, and if you want to piss with Apadravya will standing up, there are some things you can do.

How to Piss with Apadravya without a Problem

If you want to piss with Apadravya without sitting down and without dripping, there are some things that you can do. First of all, you may discuss your placement with your piercer. Depending on your anatomy, it may be possible to angle the piercing in such a way to minimize the dripping. It is not always possible, but if urination is a concern to you, make sure to communicate that with your piercer.

Another thing you can do is to choose proper jewelry. Certain jewelry pieces, such as straight barbells with big beads, can help you in this matter. The jewelry will block the urine flow and send it though the only hole you want open – the pee hole. These could be some dripping with this approach but not as much as with smaller beads.

Finally, many men simply learn to adjust. There is some trial and error, but many men learn how to angle their penis or how to press on their piercing holes while urinating. This is effective in many cases and can prevent dripping and other problems. This approach can allow you to piss with Apadravya without a problem.

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