How to Overcome the Fear of Piercing?

Piercing PainMany people have a fear of piercing. This fear can be about many different things. Some people are scared of piercing needles. Others are scared of pain. There are also those who don’t like the sight of blood or those who are scared they would faint.

Whatever the problem may be, know that you are not alone. There are many people who have a fear of piercing. This becomes a problem if you are scared of piercing procedure but you want to get pierced.

Here are some tips to help you conquer you fear of piercing:

Choose a Good Piercer

Choosing a good, knowledgeable piercer is essential even if you are not scared of piercings. It is important to pick a reliable individual to perform a piercing on you. If you have a fear of piercing, however, finding a good piercer adds one additional level of security.

Knowledgeable piercers are very skillful and experienced. It means that they can perform the piercing quickly and without any trouble. Many good piercings know how to perform the procedure in a way that it’s practically painless. This is great news for those who are scared of piercings.

Another good thing about knowledgeable piercers is that they can help you a lot when it comes to questions and your fears. Remember, many people are scared of piercing procedures and chances are that you are not the first person with this problem that they’ve encountered. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be open about your fears. Your piercer will help you relax and will offer all of the explanations you need to put your mind at ease.

Go with a Less Painful Piercing

If you have a fear of piercings it’s best to start with something small and almost painless. You may think that there is no such a thing as a “painless piercing”, but think twice. There are certain body parts that are not particularly sensitive so making a piercing there is not so much of a problem even for those who are scared of pain. They may pinch a little and there may be some discomfort but there is no pain. Also, these piercings are usually easy and quick to perform, which makes it even easier for someone who has a fear of piercings.

This is why it’s so important to choose the body part wisely. Even it’s not your favorite spot to get pierced, it’s worth getting your first piercing so you can face your fear and gain an experience before moving on to more complex piercings.

Bring Someone for Support

Perhaps the best way to get rid of your fear of piercing is to bring a friend or a loved one along with you to the piercing studio. This person can offer valuable moral support and help you go through your piercing appointment. Most studios allow clients to bring a friend along so use this. It may prove to be the most important thing for overcoming fear. A friend can hold your hand, laugh and talk to you during the procedure. All of this will make it easier for you and will take your mind out of the fear. In short, the less you focus on the fear the better it gets and a friend can help you occupy your mind with other things.

That being said, it’s important to choose wisely who you want to bring. Remember, this person should offer moral support and help you overcome your fear of piercing. Not all people will be good for this task, even if they are someone very close to you. If you know your best friend will freak out or be unhelpful, for example, do not take them with you. Choose someone who can help you feel more relaxed and who can offer moral support during the procedure. It should be someone close enough but it doesn’t have to be the closest person you have, especially if you know they won’t be able to help you.

Piercings are Done Quickly

Piercing procedures are quicker than you may thing. While a responsible, knowledgeable piercer will always take time to make sure everything is prepared the way it should be, that the customer is happy with the placement and that things are not rushed out, this doesn’t mean that the procedure itself will last for long. In fact, the piercing itself (as in, the time when the needle goes through the skin) is very short. Many times, it is only a second or a few seconds long. It means that it will be over before you know it. Of course, some more complex and more extreme piercings require more time to perform, but these are not recommended for first timers anyway. If you choose one of the light, quick piercings your procedure will be done quickly and without much pain.

Many people claim that the piercing hurt way less than they feared and that it was done quicker than they thought it would be. This is great news for those who are scared of piercings. Remember that it would be over quickly so you won’t really have to suffer through it.

Also, keep in mind that many people claim that clamping hurt more than the piercing itself. This is useful for people who are scared of the piercing needles and fear that they may hurt a lot. Clamps are not needles: they are not sharp and they will not pierce your skin. They may pinch, though. This pinching may be uncomfortable but it’s also helpful because it may distract you from the piercing itself and before you know it the procedure is done.

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