How to Keep Your Nose Ring from Falling Out?

keep your nose ring from falling out

Nostril piercings can be very stylish and effective for many different people. These piercings are small yet stylish, so they can immediately improve your looks. Since nose piercings are so popular, there are many different jewelry styles to choose from. Unfortunately, one of the common problems with nostril jewelry is that it can move in and out of the piercing hole. In some cases, it can even fall out. How to keep your nose ring from falling out?

What are Nose Rings?

Before you learn how to keep your nose ring from falling out, keep in mind that there are many different types of jewelry pieces that are suitable for nostril piercings. Many people refer to all of this jewelry as “nose rings”, but the truth is that most of them are not rings in a true sense of the word. On the contrary: most common nostril jewelry pieces are NoseBones and NoseScrews. Since these are not closed the way rings are, they are a bit more prone to slippage.

In this sense, nose rings are typically not so much of a problem. NoseBones are straight and have the biggest risks of falling out, although it can be prevented with appropriate fitting. NoseScrews bend to the side so they are less likely to fall out than NoseBones. It is important to understand these differences when seeking for the best nostril jewelry for your needs, especially if you wan to keep your nose ring from falling out.

Keep Your Nose Ring from Falling Out: Tips

Do you want to keep your nose ring from falling out? Here are some quick tips to follow:

  • Choose appropriate jewelry. Certain types of rings, such as screwball rings or fixed bead rings are less likely to open unexpectedly. Rings in general are a more secure jewelry choice for a nostril piercing. If other types of jewelry keep falling out of your nose, try switching to rings.
  • Make sure you fit your jewelry properly. You should always wear jewelry of the same gauge as your piercing hole. Doing any else will result in problems. Most of the time, your jewelry gauge will be the gauge you are pierced with (the gauge of the piercing needle). If you are unsure, consult your piercer. You should never wear jewelry that is smaller, even if it’s just one gauge smaller. On the other hand, wearing larger (thicker) jewelry will also cause trouble as unwanted stretching and other issues.
  • Choose high-quality jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry is made of proper, safe materials. Some cheap jewelry pieces are easy to bend and break, which can pose a hazard. It is also a bad idea to use such jewelry if you want to keep your nose ring from falling out.
  • Try a different style or a customized jewelry piece. We are all different, and the same goes for our piercings. A lot will depend on the piercing placement and your own anatomy. It might be that the exact position of your piercing hole and the shape of your nostril make certain jewelry types more prone to slipping out. If you don’t want to get a new piercing at a different spot, you need to learn what kind of jewelry works for you. Remember, there are rarer nostril jewelry styles, such as Fishtails that can be bent to accommodate your anatomy. This is a great way to get a customized jewelry piece that will suit your anatomy perfectly.
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