How to Increase Penis Hole Size?

increase penis hole

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In order to be able to enjoy urethral play, your urethra needs to be wide enough to accept urethral toys. This is why many beginners ask how to increase penis hole. However, this approach is not really accurate. The size of the hole itself is not so important – it’s the wideness of the urethra itself that matters. Here are some tips on how to enlarge your urethra to accept larger toys.

Want to Increase Penis Hole?

Do you want to increase penis hole so you can enjoy urethral sounding? It is important to understand what it actually means. Many beginners at urethral stimulation think that they need to increase the size of their pee hole. However, this is not strictly true. While the hole itself becomes larger if you use big urethral toys, it is the size of the urethra itself that matters.

Before stretching, a male urethra is typically 5mm to 7mm wide. Of course, there are people with much wider and a much narrower urethra, so you may be one of those. Typical width of the urethra is capable of accepting smaller urethral toys without stretching. It means that you do not have to increase penis hole in order to start enjoying urethral stimulation.

However, it is important to choose the right toy. It is best to start with a smaller penis plug. These are short, tiny urethral toys that are ideal for beginners. Try inserting one of those to see how it goes. Many people will be able to do that without any hole stretching, as long as they go slowly and use plenty of lube.

Once the toy is inside, you can start experimenting with urethral play. Keep in mind that even those small toys will help your urethra relax so you will be able to insert toys with more ease in the future. This is a great way to start experimenting with urethral play – and chances are that you will not have to increase penis hole for this.

Increase Penis Hole for Larger Toys

Once you know how to insert smaller toys, you can build your way up from there. This is where the size of your urethra starts to matter a great deal. In order to accept larger and thicker toys, you will need to stretch your urethra. It also means to increase penis hole but keep in mind that the hole itself it not your end goal. Making your pee hole wider will not allow you to insert larger sounds because the canal – the urethra – will still be relatively narrow.

In order to enjoy those thicker toys, you need to widen the urethra itself. This is done through careful urethral stretching. If you use smaller urethral toys without a problem they will do a bit of stretching and relaxing for you. However, if this is not enough, you need to do more.

The best way to stretch your urethra is to do it gradually. There are special urethral toys called urethral stretchers that are made just for this purpose. By using a urethral stretcher you will be able to widen your urethra carefully and without problems. This is the best way to achieve your goal without excessive pain, discomfort and other problems.

Another way to go is to stretch using larger toys. This approach is not so great because it can put a lot of strain on your urethra but some people prefer it. With this approach, you start by using a toy that is just a bit bigger than your previous one. Once you are used to the sensation, you move up to the next available size, and so on. For this stretching method to work, you need to have a full kit of urethral sounds and to go slowly. Always let your body recover between stretching: this is not something you can do overnight!

If you go slowly and carefully, it is possible to stretch your urethra and increase penis hole. This will allow you to use thicker and longer urethral toys and to try deep urethral sounding – including direct P spot massage.

Happy sounding!

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