How to Get More Pleasure from Urethral Sound?

More Pleasure from Urethral SoundIt is a great thing to use your urethral sounds for some steamy urethral play. These toys can do so many things for those who appreciate urethral stimulation. However, it is not always easy to get used to these sensations. In some cases, urethral sounds may not feel pleasurable at all. What to do in this case?

Identify the Problem

If you don’t find your urethral toys pleasurable, the first thing you need to do is to identify the problem. It may be that urethral play is simply not for you, and that is okay. However, most of the time it is something you can easily fix. Many people use wrong urethral sounds: they may start with toys that are too big, or too small. This is why it’s important to try many different types of urethral toys before you decide which ones are the best for your needs.

Furthermore, keep in mind that urethral play is a skill that you need to learn. You need to have some patience at building your urethral stimulation skills. First, you need to learn how to insert the toy properly. After that, you need to learn how to use your toys, so you can get more pleasure from urethral sound and urethral sounding. This will come in time, so keep trying.

Get More Pleasure from Urethral Sound

Some things you can try to get more pleasure from urethral sound:

Use Plenty of Lube

One of the best ways to get more pleasure from urethral sound is to use plenty of sterile lube. Lubrication is essential because your natural lubrication is just not enough for urethral play. Make sure to apply lube on the toy as well as down your penis. Squeeze it down the pee hole so it can reach deep. This should make for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Try Sounds of Different Lengths

Thickness of the sound is incredibly important, because it is what make a perfect fit. However, do not underestimate the length. The length tells you how deep you can insert the sound. Some people prefer the feeling of deep urethral stimulation that goes all the way to the prostate. However, many users, especially beginners, may benefit from shorter sounds. If this is you, try some of the excellent penis plugs. These toys tend to be shorter, but they can give amazing sensations and powerful orgasms.

Leave the Sound Inside

One of the best things you can do with your sound is to simply leave it inside of your penis. It will nicely stretch your urethra and provide great sensations by filling you out. Once the sound is inside, you simply continue to masturbate your penis in a usual way. If you use this method, you don’t really need to manipulate the sound during play. This is great because it leaves your hands free to touch other sweet spots. Just make sure to use plenty of lube and to go slowly at first. 

Try In & Out Method

This is the opposite of the previous method. While some people love to leave the sound inside of the penis and then masturbate, others actually love to “fuck” their penis with a sound. This in & out method can bring a lot of sensations to those who appreciate heavy rubbing on the urethral walls. This method can get more pleasure from urethral sound for sure, but you need to be careful. It is important to use plenty of lube and to go slowly at first. This is also a method for users with more experience, although users of all levels can try it. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a smooth sound and move to rubbed sounds only after you gain more experience.

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