How to Find the Best Genital Piercer?

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The only hold back I have concerning penis penis and teat piercing is that I have no reliable reference to the practitioners that do piercings for men, which I am. Word of mouth, that Joe’s best friend knows how to pierce a man is not at all reassuring to me. If you may do do, I would like to know how to find a professional piercing practitioner and what questions to ask before I get the ‘job’ done. Thank You.

Find the Best Genital PiercerFinding the best genital piercer is not always an easy task. While there are many male genital piercings out there, and while these piercings are more popular than one might think, it is true that intimate piercings are specific in many ways. This is simply not something where you can go into any studio and get a piercing. This is why it is so important to find a reliable person and also to know what questions to ask your genital piercer.

How to Find the Best Genital Piercer: The Most Important Step

It is crucial to find the best genital piercer because you need to find a reliable individual. Since male genital piercings are rarer than regular piercings it is best to seek a piercer who specializes in genital piercings.

Since we are not affiliated with any particular piercers, we cannot give specific recommendations. However, there are ways to find a good genital piercer on your own but you need to do some research.

First of all, word of mouth is an incredible tool. Of course, you should not rely on things such as “Joe’s best friend”. You should never rely on anyone’s word that they are a good piercer, let alone a male genital piercer. It is best to follow strong word of mouth about piercers in your area. To find the best genital piercer, you may ask people who are into piercings to recommend a good piercer or you may seek online. Online forums and other outlets are often the best places to find a good piercer. This is where word of mouth spreads fast. It is best to go to specialized forums and online communities to see what people think and what piercers they recommend.

Search for Studios

Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool and many people find the best genital piercer for themselves in this way. Another way to go is to search for studios and individuals who perform male genital piercers. It is best to search by area but keep in mind that many professionals travel from city to city so they might not be tied to one specific studio. Once you find a list of names or studios, seek for reviews and experiences to see what people think about their services. Again, word of mouth is incredibly important for making a choice of a good genital piercer.

You may start by looking at the studios with the best ratings in your area. Make sure that they offer male genital piercings regularly. Some studios specialize in genital piercings only. However, there are also larger studios who employ numerous piercers. These studios can do both regular (conventional) piercings and genital piercings. Both options are good, as long as they have professionals who have plenty of knowledge and experience with male genital piercings.

Which Male Genital Piercing?

Another thing to remember: sure to seek a piercer who specializes in the piercing you want to get. It means finding seeking more than just a piercer who performs male genital piercings.

Do your best to find a person who is famous for the type of piercing you want to get (Prince Albert, Apadravya, Ampallang, etc.) While most genital piercers know how to do many piercing types, they are famous for some of the piercings.

This is particularly important if you want a very rare genital piercing. In this case, there will be only a small number of piercers who know how to perform such a piercing. Luckily, these highly specialized professionals are well-known in the community. This way, you can get their names easily if you ask around.

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