How to Find an Extra Small Metal Butt Plug

Small Metal Butt PlugWhen it comes to anal toys, they come in a wide selection of sizes and designs. Butt plugs are the most popular anal toys in the world and they come in so many models that you can choose the one that suits you best. Metal butt plugs are particularly popular among people who like smooth yet intense anal stimulation. Since metal is a sturdy material, some people assume that it means a huge toy. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is actually possible to find toys of all sizes, including a small metal butt plug.

When to Use a Small Metal Butt Plug?

There are many reasons why you might want to use a small metal butt plug. The most obvious one is: because it feels good! These toys are easy to insert so they are popular among beginners who are only starting to use anal toys for the first time. Small butt plugs are also good for those who prefer gentler anal stimulation.

Here are the best situations for using a small metal butt plug:

You are a beginner. Beginner users need smaller toys to get used to the sensation. Also, if they don’t practice anal stimulation and penetration often, chances are that a larger toy will feel uncomfortable. This is why it’s always best to start small. A short, smooth butt plug that is not too thick is a great solution for those who are only starting out.

You want a gentle yet persistent touch. Small metal butt plugs are not for size queens but they can pack more power than it may seem. This makes these toys ideal for those who don’t want to go overboard but still need a toy that provides enough intensity. A small metal butt plug will be gentle enough not to cause pain but also strong enough to truly make you moan in pleasure.

You use several toys at the same time. If you want to stimulate various spots at the same time, you might want to make some areas more intense than the others. For example, women may focus on vaginal and clitoral stimulation and just add a bit of extra in the anal department. Men may focus on being a penetrating partner while still receiving some anal stimulation. Smaller toys allow you to spread the sensations how you see fit.

You have preference for smaller toys. Some people simply like shorter or thinner anal toys. Even if you are not a beginner you can enjoy small anal toys if this is what you prefer.

Small Butt Plug Recommendations

Here are some small metal butt plugs you will love to try:

  • Gem Set Tadpole Butt Plug. This is an elegant anal toy made for amazing pleasures. It comes in three sizes and the smallest one is just right for those who prefer small anal toys. This beautiful butt plug is 4 inches long and 1 ¼ inches at its widest point. This butt plug comes with a special addition: a shiny gem on the end!
  • Grooved Butt Plug. Those looking for a bit more texture will sure love a grooved metal butt plug. It also comes in three sizes and the smallest one offers about 2 inches of insertable length. This butt plug includes five grooves, the largest one being 25mm wide. This amazing butt plug also comes with a jeweled base for added effect.
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