How to Clean Your Body Jewelry

Have you ever looked at your piercings and discovered your Jewelry is just nasty? Well that is because like all Jewelry, body piercing jewelry needs to be cleaned too. You get a build up of dead skin cells, drainage, lint, and anything else that can make your jewelry dull. Most metal jewelry cleans up best with an ultra sonic cleaner and it will make jewelry look as good as new. Please keep in mind that this does not sterilize your jewelry just cleans it to make it look pretty and new once again. If you decided to get a sonic cleaning done on your jewelry most shops and jewelers charge a fee and expect at least a 20 minute wait so that the Jewelry get the proper time need to clean.

Since many people do not have sonic cleaners at home there are other methods on cleaning you metal Jewelry. Such as Gold Jewelry cleaner that you use on your gold that your wear on your fingers. Be sure to check the cleaner to see what it cleans before you just put it in. Not all jewelry cleaner will clean everything. After cleaning you jewelry in any type of cleaner it should be rinsed thoroughly in water to remove all the cleaner so that it does not cause a problem in your body piercing.

Surgical Steel Jewelry Cleaner is normally a polish or a polishing cloth, and again you have to make sure that there is no residue from the polish before you insert it into you piercing or that will cause a reaction from the chemicals in the cleaner. Always rinse the jewelry well, then when you are sure that you are done, rinse it again. It normally best to take it to a piercing shop and they will clean it for you for a small fee. It is also best to take Titanium Jewelry to a piercing studio to get cleaned because Titanium is usually anodized (colored), and can be very tricky to clean without taking the color off.

If you have a piece that you just want to wear and do not have the time to take it to get it cleaned properly you can always use rubbing alcohol, but keep in mind it can dull the finish on 14k Gold and cause the titanium color to fade. So other then that a quick bath in alcohol and a good rinsing and you will be ready to go.

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