How To Clean Organic and Glass Body Jewelry?

Most organic Body Jewelry consist of bone, wood, horn, and stone. Cleaning this jewelry can be very tricky. You never really want to get wood wet in any way so how do you clean it? To remove any imperfections or dents in the wood you can do a little sanding to remove these then take a damp cloth and wipe off the excess that was removed from sanding. Once dry, then polish the wood with Jojoba oil which can be found in a health food store or your local grocery store. This oil works as a filler in your plugs and help hide imperfections and will smooth the wood nicely.Other organics such as bone, stone, and horns should be washed in a mild soap rinsed with very little water so that the jewelry does not soak up the water. Then polish it dry with a soft cotton cloth and it will be as good or better than new.

Now cleaning your glass body jewelry is very easy. You can simple wash it with a mild soap, rinse and polish then your done. You can also soak it in rubbing alcohol to give it a high shine and make it look as good as new. Most important though make sure that you rinse your the glass jewelry throughly of any cleansers so you don’t cause any irritation to your piercing.

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